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The Stats Crew is very proud to have brought online the most complete CFL statistics database available anywhere. also features the Internet's largest selection of US outdoor and indoor soccer stats, all fully searchable and sortable by player and team. The Stats Crew has further incorporated data from top alternative professional leagues such as the United States Football League, American Basketball Association and World Hockey Association into its datasets.

The Stats Crew is always on the hunt for more sports numbers. If you want to see any other stats, let the Stats Crew know! Some of the statistics the Stats Crew is looking for include:

  • Women's Soccer
  • Second and Third Division US Men's Soccer
  • The Continental Basketball Association
  • Eagle Pro Box Lacrosse and Major Indoor Lacrosse League

If you need stats, if no one else can help, and if you can find them, maybe you can ask the Stats Crew.

Check out these interesting statistical facts from the world of sports. This is only an exhibition. This is not a competition. Please, no wagering.

Baseball Fact:
Earl Webb of the AL's Boston Red Sox hit 67 doubles in 1931, a Major League record.

Football Fact:
Michael Strahan of the NFL's New York Giants blew through the opposition for 22.5 sacks in 2001, a National Football League record.

Lacrosse Fact:
Greg Cattrano of the MLL's Baltimore Bayhawks registered 10 wins in 2001, a franchise record.

Hockey Fact:
Paul Baxter of the NHL's Pittsburgh Penguins battled to 409 penalty minutes in 1981-82, a franchise record.

Basketball Fact:
Spencer Haywood of the ABA's Denver Rockets corralled 533 offensive rebounds in 1969-70, an American Basketball Association record.

Soccer Fact:
Bradley Wright-Phillips of the MLS's New York Red Bulls scored 27 goals in 2014, tied for most in Major League Soccer history.

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