1991 Charleston Rainbows Roster

South Atlantic League (SAL) - Class: A
Team Record: 69-72
4th in the SAL's South Division
Manager: Dave Trembley (69-72)
Affiliation: San Diego Padres
Location: Charleston, South Carolina
Ballpark: Hampton Park
Attendance: 119,080, Avg. 1,689
1991 Charleston Rainbows Statistics

The Charleston Rainbows of the South Atlantic League ended the 1991 season with a record of 69 wins and 72 losses, fourth in the league's South Division.

The Rainbows plated 647 runs and gave up 709 runs. Brian Beck paced Charleston with 14 home runs Jeff Pearce drove in 65 runs and topped all regular hitters by connecting at a .277 clip. Jeff Brown led the squad with 13 wins and a team-best 2.45 ERA, leading regularly-used pitchers.

Players from the 1991 Charleston Rainbows who spent time in the Majors during their careers included Robbie Beckett, Cameron Cairncross, Mark Ettles, Pablo Martinez, Ray McDavid and Sean Mulligan.

Dave Trembley served as manager.

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Player Bats Throws Birth Date Height Weight Hometown
Dave AdamsLRJuly 1, 19696'0"185
Richey NashRRJuly 18, 19686'5"205
Sean MulliganRRApril 25, 19706'2"210Lynwood, CA US
Keith McKoyLRJuly 11, 19705'11"165
Ray McDavidLRJuly 20, 19716'3"190San Diego, CA US
Jose MateoSROctober 16, 19726'1"150, DO
Pablo MartinezSRJune 29, 19695'10"155Sabana Grande de Boya, Monte Plata DO
Bill JohnsonRRMarch 31, 19686'1"200Portsmouth, VA US
Ryan IvieLLAugust 17, 19715'11"175Yakima, WA US
Steve NewtonRRMay 10, 19666'2"170
Bill OstermeyerRRSeptember 4, 19666'7"235
Pedro VazquezRRApril 17, 19726'0"170
Jerrey ThurstonRRApril 17, 19726'4"200Winter Park, FL US
Charles ThompsonRRNovember 3, 19706'2"190
Tookie SpannRRFebruary 18, 19676'2"200New Orleans, LA US
Bob RivellRRFebruary 21, 19685'9"180
Ryan RichmondRRJanuary 24, 19696'4"205
Jeff PearceLLJuly 14, 19696'2"205Larkspur, CA US
Drew OverholserRRApril 13, 19696'1"180
Linty IngramRRAugust 25, 19655'10"170
Steve HoemeRRNovember 2, 19676'6"195Pratt, KS US
Craig BullockRRFebruary 11, 19726'3"210
Jeff BrownLLSeptember 8, 19706'0"165Snithville, MO US
Scott BreamSRNovember 4, 19706'1"170Omaha, NE US
Michael BradleyRRMay 1, 19676'3"195
Brent BishRRNovember 3, 19686'0"175Fullerton, CA US
Robbie BeckettRLJuly 16, 19726'5"240Austin, TX US
Brian BeckLLApril 30, 19716'3"195Grants Pass, OR US
Adan AyalaRRJune 18, 19716'0"175Rio Piedras, PR
Cameron CairncrossLLMay 11, 19726'0"195Cairns, Queensland AU
Lynn CarlsonRRMay 2, 19696'5"200
Billy HallSRJune 17, 19695'9"180Wichita, KS US
Russ GarsideLLJanuary 23, 19706'3"185
Craig EubanksRROctober 5, 19696'2"230
Mark EttlesRROctober 30, 19666'0"178Perth, Western Australia AU
Jim ElliottRRSeptember 7, 19696'1"200
Mel EdwardsLRJanuary 27, 19696'2"190
Tom DoyleLLJanuary 20, 19706'3"205Atlanta, GA US
Ted DevoreRROctober 20, 19676'3"190
Joe WaldronLLJuly 4, 19696'0"180Lemoore, CA US

Average attendance is based upon the number of actual home dates where known (most leagues from 1992 and later). Where the number of home dates is not known, the average is calculated using half the team's total games.

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