Alastair Clarkson

Alastair Clarkson
Born: April 27, 1968
Coaching Career: 2005-2021

Alastair Clarkson compiled a record of 212 wins and 148 losses and 4 ties in his coaching career with the Hawthorn Hawks. He began coaching during the 2005 season and last coached during the 2021 campaign.

Hawthorn Hawks
Hawthorn Hawks

Coaching Record:

Regular Season Playoffs
Season League Team G W L T Win% G W L T Win%
2005AFLHawthorn Hawks225170.227
2006AFLHawthorn Hawks229130.409
2007AFLHawthorn Hawks221390.591 2110.500
2008AFLHawthorn Hawks221750.773 33001.000
2009AFLHawthorn Hawks229130.409
2010AFLHawthorn Hawks221291.568 1010.000
2011AFLHawthorn Hawks221840.818 3120.333
2012AFLHawthorn Hawks221750.773 3210.667
2013AFLHawthorn Hawks221930.864 33001.000
2014AFLHawthorn Hawks171250.706 33001.000
2015AFLHawthorn Hawks221660.727 4310.750
2016AFLHawthorn Hawks221750.773 2020.000
2017AFLHawthorn Hawks2210111.477
2018AFLHawthorn Hawks221570.682 2020.000
2019AFLHawthorn Hawks2211110.500
2020AFLHawthorn Hawks175120.294
2021AFLHawthorn Hawks227132.364
Totals3642121484.588 2616100.615

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