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Welcome to, the home to sports statistics from a wide variety of North American professional leagues. We currently host stats for professional baseball, football, hockey, basketball, soccer and lacrosse. We are also adding statistics for minor leagues and will continue to add new leagues and sports to the site.

The Stats Crew's Latest Statistical Updates:

2023 MLB Statistics
2023 Minor League Baseball Statistics
October 1, 2023
- Updated AL stats
- Updated NL stats
- Updated NFL stats
- Updated CFL stats
- Updated CPL stats
- Updated MLSNP stats
- Updated MLS stats
- Updated WNBA stats
- Updated NWSL stats
September 26, 2023
- Updated AFL stats
September 25, 2023
- Updated USL stats
- Updated USL League 1 stats

Here's what else the Stats Crew has been up to:

The Stats Crew is constantly busy adding new stats and detail to the site. If you have something we're missing, please reach out to us!

The Stats Crew is very proud to have brought online the most complete Canadian Football League statistics database available anywhere. In addition to the Canadian game, we've cast our attention Down Under as the Australian Football League has joined our lineup. also features the Internet's largest selection of US outdoor and indoor soccer stats, all fully searchable and sortable by player and team. We have further added to our soccer statistics by assembling a one-of-a-kind professional women's soccer database.

In order to cover players' complete pro careers, the Stats Crew has incorporated data from top alternative professional leagues such as the United States Football League, American Basketball Association and World Hockey Association into its datasets.

If you need stats, if no one else can help, and if you can find them, maybe you can ask the Stats Crew.

The Stats Crew has information on*:

  • 20,939 Major League Baseball players
  • 9,384 National Hockey League players
  • 7,184 National Basketball Association players
  • 49,351 National Football League and Canadian Football League players
  • 28,682 Professional soccer players
  • 5,741 Professional lacrosse players
  • 472,294 Minor League Baseball and independent baseball players
  • 73,879 Minor league hockey players
  • 10,689 Minor league basketball players
  • 1,576 Women's professional basketball players
  • 1,353 Women's professional soccer players
and counting!

* Numbers include totals for other leagues, such as the Federal League, ABA, WHA, USFL and NASL.

Researchers Welcome

The Stats Crew is always on the hunt for more sports numbers. If you want to see any other stats, let the Stats Crew know! Some of the information our Stats Crew is looking for includes:

  • Any missing historic team logos for all sports
  • Any missing Independent and Minor League Baseball logos and statistics
  • World League of American Football/NFL Europe All-World Teams
  • Second and Third Division US Men's Soccer statistics
  • Eagle Pro Box Lacrosse and early Major Indoor Lacrosse League statistics
  • World TeamTennis information
  • Major international soccer leagues

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