Allan Jeans

Allan Jeans, "Yabby"
Born: September 21, 1933
Finley, NSW
Deceased: July 13, 2011
Coaching Career: 1961-1992

Allan Jeans compiled a record of 335 wins and 197 losses and 2 ties in his coaching career with the St. Kilda Saints, Hawthorn Hawks and Richmond Tigers. He began coaching during the 1961 season and last coached during the 1992 campaign.

Coaching Record:

Regular Season Playoffs
Season League Team G W L T Win% G W L T Win%
1961VFLSt. Kilda Saints181170.611 1010.000
1962VFLSt. Kilda Saints18990.500
1963VFLSt. Kilda Saints181350.722 1010.000
1964VFLSt. Kilda Saints181080.556
1965VFLSt. Kilda Saints181440.778 2110.500
1966VFLSt. Kilda Saints181440.778 3210.667
1967VFLSt. Kilda Saints181170.611
1968VFLSt. Kilda Saints201451.725 1010.000
1969VFLSt. Kilda Saints209110.450
1970VFLSt. Kilda Saints221480.636 2110.500
1971VFLSt. Kilda Saints221660.727 3120.333
1972VFLSt. Kilda Saints211380.619 3210.667
1973VFLSt. Kilda Saints2212100.545 2110.500
1974VFLSt. Kilda Saints175120.294
1975VFLSt. Kilda Saints2211110.500
1976VFLSt. Kilda Saints229130.409
1981VFLHawthorn Hawks221390.591
1982VFLHawthorn Hawks221750.773 3120.333
1983VFLHawthorn Hawks221570.682 33001.000
1984VFLHawthorn Hawks221750.773 3210.667
1985VFLHawthorn Hawks221561.705 4220.500
1986VFLHawthorn Hawks221840.818 3210.667
1987VFLHawthorn Hawks221750.773 4220.500
1989VFLHawthorn Hawks221930.864 22001.000
1990AFLHawthorn Hawks221480.636 1010.000
1992AFLRichmond Tigers225170.227
Totals5343351972.629 4122190.537

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