Leigh Matthews

Leigh Matthews, "Lethal"
Born: March 1, 1952
Frankston, VIC
Coaching Career: 1986-2008

Leigh Matthews compiled a record of 250 wins and 177 losses and 7 ties in his coaching career with the Collingwood Magpies and Brisbane Lions. He began coaching during the 1986 season and last coached during the 2008 campaign.

Coaching Record:

Regular Season Playoffs
Season League Team G W L T Win% G W L T Win%
1986VFLCollingwood Magpies191270.632
1987VFLCollingwood Magpies227150.318
1988VFLCollingwood Magpies221561.705 2020.000
1989VFLCollingwood Magpies221390.591 1010.000
1990AFLCollingwood Magpies221660.727 4301.875
1991AFLCollingwood Magpies221291.568
1992AFLCollingwood Magpies221660.727 1010.000
1993AFLCollingwood Magpies201190.550
1994AFLCollingwood Magpies2212100.545 1010.000
1995AFLCollingwood Magpies228122.409
1999AFLBrisbane Lions221660.727 3210.667
2000AFLBrisbane Lions2212100.545 2110.500
2001AFLBrisbane Lions221750.773 33001.000
2002AFLBrisbane Lions221750.773 33001.000
2003AFLBrisbane Lions221471.659 4310.750
2004AFLBrisbane Lions221660.727 3210.667
2005AFLBrisbane Lions2110110.476
2006AFLBrisbane Lions227150.318
2007AFLBrisbane Lions229112.455
2008AFLBrisbane Lions2210120.455
Totals4342501777.584 271791.648

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