Kevin Sheedy

Kevin Sheedy
Born: December 24, 1947
Coaching Career: 1981-2013

Kevin Sheedy compiled a record of 366 wins and 263 losses and 6 ties in his coaching career with the Essendon Bombers and Greater Western Sydney Giants. He began coaching during the 1981 season and last coached during the 2013 campaign.

Coaching Record:

Regular Season Playoffs
Season League Team G W L T Win% G W L T Win%
1981VFLEssendon Bombers221660.727 1010.000
1982VFLEssendon Bombers221660.727 1010.000
1983VFLEssendon Bombers221570.682 4310.750
1984VFLEssendon Bombers221840.818 3210.667
1985VFLEssendon Bombers221930.864 22001.000
1986VFLEssendon Bombers2212100.545 1010.000
1987VFLEssendon Bombers229121.432
1988VFLEssendon Bombers2212100.545
1989VFLEssendon Bombers221750.773 3120.333
1990AFLEssendon Bombers221750.773 3120.333
1991AFLEssendon Bombers221390.591 1010.000
1992AFLEssendon Bombers2212100.545
1993AFLEssendon Bombers201361.675 4310.750
1994AFLEssendon Bombers2211110.500
1995AFLEssendon Bombers221462.682 2110.500
1996AFLEssendon Bombers221471.659 3120.333
1997AFLEssendon Bombers229130.409
1998AFLEssendon Bombers2212100.545 1010.000
1999AFLEssendon Bombers221840.818 2110.500
2000AFLEssendon Bombers222110.955 33001.000
2001AFLEssendon Bombers221750.773 3210.667
2002AFLEssendon Bombers221291.568 2110.500
2003AFLEssendon Bombers221390.591 2110.500
2004AFLEssendon Bombers2212100.545 2110.500
2005AFLEssendon Bombers228140.364
2006AFLEssendon Bombers213180.143
2007AFLEssendon Bombers2210120.455
2012AFLGreater Western Sydney Giants222200.091
2013AFLGreater Western Sydney Giants221210.045
Totals6353662636.581 4323200.535

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