1957 Kansas City Athletics Roster

American League (AL)
Team Record: 59-94
Finished 7th in the AL
Attendance: 900,140, Avg. 12,502
Ballpark: Municipal Stadium I
Manager: Lou Boudreau (36-67)
Manager: Harry Craft (23-27)
Location: Kansas City, Kansas
1957 Kansas City Athletics Statistics
1957 Kansas City Athletics Results

The Kansas City Athletics of the American League ended the 1957 season with a record of 59 wins and 94 losses, finishing seventh in the AL.

The Athletics scored 563 runs, worst in the league, and allowed 710 runs. Gus Zernial led Kansas City with 27 home runs, while Lou Skizas and Woodie Held walloped 20 or more also. Gus Zernial drove in 69 runs. Vic Power topped all regular hitters with a .259 average. Tom Morgan and Virgil Trucks paced the team with 9 wins each, and Jack Urban recorded a 3.34 ERA, best among regularly-used pitchers.

Lou Boudreau and Harry Craft coached the team.

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Player Pos. Bats Throws Birth Date Height Weight Hometown
Al AberPLLJuly 31, 19276'2"195Cleveland, OH USA
Ed BlakePRRDecember 23, 19255'11"175East St. Louis, IL USA
Clete Boyer2BRRFebruary 9, 19376'0"165Cossville, MO USA
George BrunetPRLJune 8, 19356'1"195Houghton, MI USA
Wally BurnettePRRJune 20, 19296'0"178Blairs, VA USA
Bob CervOFRRMay 5, 19256'0"200Weston, NE USA
Rip ColemanPLLJuly 31, 19316'2"185Troy, NY USA
Glenn CoxPRRFebruary 3, 19316'2"210Montebello, CA USA
Joe DeMaestriSSRRDecember 9, 19286'0"170San Francisco, CA USA
Ryne DurenPRRFebruary 22, 19296'2"190Cazenovia, WI USA
Ned GarverPRRDecember 25, 19255'10"180Ney, OH USA
Tom GormanPRRJanuary 4, 19256'1"190New York, NY USA
Milt Graff2BLRDecember 30, 19305'7"158Jefferson Center, PA USA
Johnny GrothRFRRJuly 23, 19266'0"182Chicago, IL USA
Woodie HeldCFRRMarch 25, 19325'10"167Sacramento, CA USA
Dave HillPRLNovember 11, 19376'2"170New Orleans, LA USA
Gene HostPBLJanuary 1, 19335'11"190Leeper, PA USA
Billy Hunter2BRRJune 4, 19286'0"180Punxsutawney, PA USA
Alex KellnerPRLAugust 26, 19246'0"200Tucson, AZ USA
Hector Lopez3BRRJuly 8, 19295'11"182Colon, Co Panama
Billy Martin2BRRMay 16, 19285'11"165Berkeley, CA USA
Bob MartynRFLRAugust 15, 19306'0"176Weiser, ID USA
Mickey McDermottPLLApril 29, 19296'2"170Poughkeepsie, NY USA
Tom MorganPRRMay 20, 19306'1"180El Monte, CA USA
Irv Noren1BLLNovember 29, 19246'0"190Jamestown, NY USA
Jim PisoniCFRRAugust 14, 19295'10"169St. Louis, MO USA
Arnie PortocarreroPRRJuly 5, 19316'3"196New York, NY USA
Vic Power1BRRNovember 1, 19276'0"186Arecibo, P.R.
Hal RaetherPRROctober 10, 19326'1"185Lake Mills, WI USA
Harry Simpson1BLRDecember 3, 19256'1"180Atlanta, GA USA
Lou SkizasRFRRJune 2, 19325'11"175Chicago, IL USA
Hal SmithCRRDecember 7, 19306'0"195West Frankfort, IL USA
Harry TaylorPRRDecember 2, 19356'0"185San Angelo, TX USA
Ralph TerryPRRJanuary 9, 19366'3"195Big Cabin, OK USA
Tim ThompsonCLRMarch 1, 19245'11"190Coalport, PA USA
Virgil TrucksPRRApril 26, 19175'11"198Birmingham, AL USA
Jack UrbanPRRDecember 5, 19285'8"155Omaha, NE USA
Gus ZernialLFRRJune 27, 19236'2"210Beaumont, TX USA