1912 St. Louis Browns Roster

American League (AL)
Team Record: 53-101
Finished 7th in the AL
Attendance: 279,362, Avg. 4,365
Ballpark: Sportsman's Park IV
Manager: Bobby Wallace (12-27)
Manager: George Stovall (41-74)
Location: St. Louis, Missouri
1912 St. Louis Browns Statistics
1912 St. Louis Browns Results

The St. Louis Browns of the American League ended the 1912 season with a record of 53 wins and 101 losses, finishing seventh in the AL.

The Browns scored 552 runs, worst in the league, and surrendered 764 runs. Del Pratt recorded 69 runs batted in and topped all qualifying hitters on the roster by hitting .302. George Baumgardner and Earl Hamilton led the squad with 11 wins each, while Jack Powell recorded a 3.10 ERA, best among regularly-used pitchers.

Bobby Wallace and George Stovall coached the team.

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Player Pos. Bats Throws Birth Date Height Weight Hometown
Willie AdamsPRRSeptember 27, 18906'4"180Clearfield, PA USA
George AitonLFBRDecember 29, 18905'11"175Kingman, KS USA
Walt AlexanderCRRMarch 5, 18915'10"165Atlanta, GA USA
Mack AllisonPRRJanuary 23, 18876'1"185Owensboro, KY USA
Jimmy Austin3BBRDecember 8, 18795'7"155Swansea, Sw United Kingdom
Bill BaileyPLLApril 12, 18885'11"165Fort Smith, AR USA
George BaumgardnerPLRJuly 22, 18915'11"178Barboursville, WV USA
Bunny BriefLFRRJuly 3, 18926'0"185Remus, MI USA
Bill BrownLFLLJuly 8, 18935'8"185Coleman, TX USA
Curly BrownPLLDecember 9, 18885'10"165Spring Hill, KS USA
Elmer BrownPLRAugust 25, 18835'11"172Southport, IN USA
Pete ComptonLFLLSeptember 28, 18895'11"170San Marcos, TX USA
Lou CrigerCRRFebruary 3, 18725'10"165Elkhart, IN USA
Frank CrossinCRRJune 15, 18915'10"160Avondale, PA USA
John DaleySSRRMay 25, 18875'7"155Du Bois, PA USA
John FrillPRLApril 3, 18795'10"170Reading, PA USA
Ed HallinanSSRRAugust 23, 18885'9"168San Francisco, CA USA
Earl HamiltonPLLJuly 19, 18915'8"160Gibson, IL USA
Willie HoganLFRRSeptember 14, 18845'10"175North San Juan, CA USA
Walter JantzenRFRRApril 9, 18905'11"170Chicago, IL USA
Phil KetterCRApril 13, 18845'7"0St. Louis, MO USA
Paul KrichellCRRDecember 19, 18825'7"150Paris, Il France
Joe Kutina1BRRJanuary 16, 18856'2"205Chicago, IL USA
Joe LakePRRJanuary 6, 18816'0"185Brooklyn, NY USA
Frank LaPorte2BRRFebruary 6, 18805'8"175Uhrichsville, OH USA
Charlie MillerSSRJanuary 4, 18925'9"0Warrensburg, MO USA
Ed Miller1BRRNovember 24, 18886'0"180Annville, PA USA
Roy MitchellPRRApril 19, 18855'9"170Belton, TX USA
Buddy NapierPRRDecember 18, 18895'11"165Byromville, GA USA
Red NelsonPRRMay 19, 18865'11"190Cleveland, OH USA
Barney PeltyPRRSeptember 10, 18805'9"175Farmington, MO USA
Jack PowellPRRJuly 9, 18745'11"195Bloomington, IL USA
Del Pratt2BRRJanuary 10, 18885'11"175Walhalia, SC USA
Harry ShanleySSRRJanuary 30, 18896'0"174Granbury, TX USA
Burt ShottonCFLROctober 18, 18845'11"175Brownhelm, OH USA
Henry SmoyerSSRRApril 25, 18905'6"0Fredericksburg, PA USA
Charlie SnellCRRNovember 29, 18935'11"160Hampstead, MD USA
Hack SpencerPRRApril 25, 18855'7"172St. Cloud, MN USA
Jim StephensCRRDecember 10, 18835'6"157Salineville, OH USA
George Stovall1BRRNovember 23, 18776'2"180Leeds, MO USA
Tom TennantPLLJuly 3, 18825'11"165Monroe, WI USA
Fred WaldenCRRJune 25, 18900'0"0Fayette, MO USA
Bobby WallaceSSRRNovember 4, 18735'8"170Pittsburgh, PA USA
Carl WeilmanPLLNovember 29, 18896'5"187Hamilton, OH USA
Gus WilliamsRFLLMay 7, 18886'0"185Omaha, NE USA