1915 St. Louis Browns Roster

American League (AL)
Team Record: 63-91
Finished 6th in the AL
Attendance: 233,850, Avg. 3,772
Ballpark: Sportsman's Park IV
Manager: Branch Rickey (63-91)
Location: St. Louis, Missouri
1915 St. Louis Browns Statistics
1915 St. Louis Browns Results

The St. Louis Browns of the American League ended the 1915 season with a record of 63 wins and 91 losses, finishing sixth in the AL.

The Browns scored 521 runs, worst in the league, and allowed 680 runs. Del Pratt recorded 78 runs batted in and topped all qualifying hitters on the roster by hitting .291. Carl Weilman led the team with 18 wins and a team-best 2.34 ERA, best among regularly-used pitchers.

Branch Rickey coached the team.

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Player Pos. Bats Throws Birth Date Height Weight Hometown
Sam AgnewCRRApril 12, 18875'11"185Farmington, MO USA
Walt AlexanderCRRMarch 5, 18915'10"165Atlanta, GA USA
Jimmy Austin3BBRDecember 8, 18795'7"155Swansea, Sw United Kingdom
George BaumgardnerPLRJuly 22, 18915'11"178Barboursville, WV USA
Chauncey BurkamPLROctober 13, 18925'11"175Benton Harbor, MI USA
Rollin CookPRROctober 5, 18905'9"152Toledo, OH USA
Bill Dalrymple3BRFebruary 7, 18915'7"0Baltimore, MD USA
Shorty DeeSSRROctober 4, 18895'6"155Halifax, NS CAN
Carl EastPLRAugust 27, 18946'2"178Marietta, GA USA
Earl HamiltonPLLJuly 19, 18915'8"160Gibson, IL USA
Harry HochPRRJanuary 9, 18875'10"165Woodside, DE USA
Red HoffPLLMay 8, 18915'9"162Ossining, NY USA
Ivan Howard1BBROctober 12, 18825'10"170Kenney, IL USA
Baby Doll JacobsonRFRRAugust 16, 18906'3"215Cable, IL USA
Bill JamesPBRJanuary 20, 18876'4"195Detroit, MI USA
Dick Kauffman1BBRJune 22, 18886'3"190East Lewisburg, PA USA
Ernie KoobPLLSeptember 11, 18925'10"160Keeler, MI USA
Doc LavanSSRROctober 28, 18905'8"151Grand Rapids, MI USA
John Leary1BRRMay 2, 18915'11"180Waltham, MA USA
Billy LeeOFRRJanuary 9, 18945'9"165Bayonne, NJ USA
Walt LeverenzPLLJuly 21, 18885'10"175Chicago, IL USA
Grover LowdermilkPRRJanuary 15, 18856'4"190Sandborn, IN USA
Tim McCabePRROctober 19, 18946'0"190Graniteville, MO USA
Reeve McKayPRNovember 16, 18816'1"168Morgan, TX USA
George O'BrienCRRNovember 4, 18896'0"185Cleveland, OH USA
Jim ParkPRRNovember 10, 18926'2"175Richmond, KY USA
Pat ParkerRFRRMay 22, 18935'7"160Somerville, MA USA
Scott PerryPLRApril 17, 18916'1"195Denison, TX USA
Parson PerrymanPRROctober 24, 18886'4"193Everett Springs, GA USA
Tom PhillipsPRRApril 1, 18896'2"190Phillipsburg, PA USA
Del Pratt2BRRJanuary 10, 18885'11"175Walhalia, SC USA
Alex RemneasPRRFebruary 21, 18866'1"180Minneapolis, MN USA
Muddy RuelCRRFebruary 20, 18965'9"150St. Louis, MO USA
Ray Schmandt1BRRJanuary 25, 18966'1"175St. Louis, MO USA
Hank SevereidCRRJune 1, 18916'0"175Story City, IA USA
Burt ShottonLFLROctober 18, 18845'11"175Brownhelm, OH USA
Pete SimsPRRMay 24, 18915'11"165Crown City, OH USA
George Sisler1BLLMarch 24, 18935'11"170Manchester, OH USA
Allan SothoronPBRApril 27, 18935'11"182Bradford, OH USA
Johnny TillmanPBROctober 6, 18935'11"170Bridgeport, CT USA
Ernie WalkerRFLRSeptember 17, 18906'0"165Blossburg, AL USA
Tillie WalkerCFRRSeptember 4, 18875'11"165Telford, TN USA
Bobby WallaceSSRRNovember 4, 18735'8"170Pittsburgh, PA USA
Dee WalshOFBRMarch 28, 18905'9"165St. Louis, MO USA
Carl WeilmanPLLNovember 29, 18896'5"187Hamilton, OH USA
Gus WilliamsRFLLMay 7, 18886'0"185Omaha, NE USA