Red Holzman

William Holzman
Born: August 10, 1920
Brooklyn, NY USA
Deceased: November 13, 1998
Coaching Career: 1953-1981
Elected to Basketball Hall of Fame in 1986.

Red Holzman compiled a record of 696 wins and 604 losses in his coaching career with the Milwaukee Hawks, St. Louis Hawks and New York Knicks. He began coaching during the 1953 season and last coached during the 1981 campaign. Holzman was elected to the Basketball Hall of Fame in 1986.

Coaching Record:

Regular Season Playoffs
Season League Team G W L Win% G W L Win%
1953-54NBAMilwaukee Hawks261016.385
1954-55NBAMilwaukee Hawks722646.361
1955-56NBASt. Louis Hawks723339.458 844.500
1956-57NBASt. Louis Hawks331419.424
1967-68NBANew York Knicks452817.622 624.333
1968-69NBANew York Knicks825428.659 1064.600
1969-70NBANew York Knicks826022.732 19127.632
1970-71NBANew York Knicks825230.634 1275.583
1971-72NBANew York Knicks824834.585 1697.563
1972-73NBANew York Knicks825725.695 17125.706
1973-74NBANew York Knicks824933.598 1257.417
1974-75NBANew York Knicks824042.488 312.333
1975-76NBANew York Knicks823844.463
1976-77NBANew York Knicks824042.488
1978-79NBANew York Knicks682543.368
1979-80NBANew York Knicks823943.476
1980-81NBANew York Knicks825032.610 202.000
1981-82NBANew York Knicks823349.402
Totals1300696604.535 1055847.552


1969 - NBA Coach of the Year