Kevin Loughery

Kevin Michael Loughery , "Murph"
Born: March 28, 1940
Brooklyn, NY USA
Coaching Career: 1972-1994

Kevin Loughery compiled a record of 642 wins and 746 losses in his coaching career with the Atlanta Hawks, Chicago Bulls, Miami Heat, New Jersey Nets, New York Nets, Philadelphia 76ers and Washington Bullets. He began coaching during the 1972 season and last coached during the 1994 campaign.

Coaching Record:

Regular Season Playoffs
Season League Team G W L Win% G W L Win%
1972-73NBAPhiladelphia 76ers31526.161
1973-74ABANew York Nets845529.655 14122.857
1974-75ABANew York Nets845826.690 514.200
1975-76ABANew York Nets845529.655 1385.615
1976-77NBANew York Nets822260.268
1977-78NBANew Jersey Nets822458.293
1978-79NBANew Jersey Nets823745.451 202.000
1979-80NBANew Jersey Nets823448.415
1980-81NBANew Jersey Nets351223.343
1981-82NBAAtlanta Hawks824240.512 202.000
1982-83NBAAtlanta Hawks824339.524 312.333
1983-84NBAChicago Bulls822755.329
1984-85NBAChicago Bulls823844.463 413.250
1985-86NBAWashington Bullets1376.538 523.400
1986-87NBAWashington Bullets824240.512 303.000
1987-88NBAWashington Bullets27819.296
1991-92NBAMiami Heat823844.463 303.000
1992-93NBAMiami Heat823646.439
1993-94NBAMiami Heat824240.512 523.400
1994-95NBAMiami Heat461729.370
Totals1388642746.463 592732.458


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