Erik Spoelstra

Erik Spoelstra
Coaching Career: 2008-2023

Erik Spoelstra compiled a record of 704 wins and 491 losses in his coaching career with the Miami Heat. He began coaching during the 2008 season and last coached during the 2023 campaign.

Miami Heat
Miami Heat

Coaching Record:

Regular Season Playoffs
Season League Team G W L Win% G W L Win%
2008-09NBAMiami Heat824339.524 734.429
2009-10NBAMiami Heat824735.573 514.200
2010-11NBAMiami Heat825824.707 21147.667
2011-12NBAMiami Heat664620.697 23167.696
2012-13NBAMiami Heat826616.805 23167.696
2013-14NBAMiami Heat825428.659 20137.650
2014-15NBAMiami Heat823745.451
2015-16NBAMiami Heat824834.585 1477.500
2016-17NBAMiami Heat824141.500
2017-18NBAMiami Heat824438.537 514.200
2018-19NBAMiami Heat823943.476
2019-20NBAMiami Heat734429.603 21147.667
2020-21NBAMiami Heat724032.556 404.000
2021-22NBAMiami Heat825329.646 18117.611
2022-23NBAMiami Heat824438.537 251411.560
2023-24NBAMiami Heat
Totals1195704491.589 18611076.591