Ron Brewer

Ronald Charles Brewer , "Ron, Boot"
Born: September 16, 1955
Fort Smith, AR USA
Position: G
High School: Northside
College: Arkansas, Westark CC
Drafted: 1978, Round 1 Pick 7, #7 Overall
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 180
Career: 1978-79-1985-86

Ron Brewer averaged 11.9 points, 1.9 rebounds and 1.8 assists per game in his 501-game career with the Chicago Bulls, Cleveland Cavaliers, Golden State Warriors, New Jersey Nets, Portland Trail Blazers and San Antonio Spurs. He began playing during the 1978-79 season and last took the court during the 1985-86 campaign.

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Player Totals:

Player Pos GP GS Min FGA FGM 3PA 3PM FTA FTM Off Def Reb Ast Stl Blk TO PF Pts
1978-79Portland Trail Blazers814824548784340025621088141229165102791531811078
1979-80Portland Trail Blazers8282281511825483262191845416021421698481671541286
1980-81Portland Trail Blazers291054824695313426132033553493842217
1980-81San Antonio Spurs4619043851804080652132539327255453425
1981-82Cleveland Cavaliers474117248333872151721344269111121592391114913
1981-82San Antonio Spurs2545953611821038877133750672373437444
1982-83Cleveland Cavaliers21185632459830514492837272062527240
1982-83Golden State Warriors533414015622461571199850571076970197296597
1983-84Golden State Warriors1332105827101711581366571065
1983-84San Antonio Spurs40578234515213350411733504418163354348
1984-85New Jersey Nets1102458449201816810181155515114
1984-85San Antonio Spurs9081341300771236114833
1985-86Chicago Bulls4018930011000000217
1985-86Cleveland Cavaliers403552215831753733143953401762143204

Player Averages:

Player Pos GP GS MPG FG% 3P% FT% Off Def Reb Ast Stl Blk TO PF Pts
1978-79Portland Trail Blazers814830.349.482.
1979-80Portland Trail Blazers828234.346.418.884.
1980-81Portland Trail Blazers291018.938.633.376.
1980-81San Antonio Spurs46119.746.
1981-82Cleveland Cavaliers474136.746.523.877.
1981-82San Antonio Spurs25423.850.430.
1982-83Cleveland Cavaliers211826.840.
1982-83Golden State Warriors533426.443.846.782.
1983-84Golden State Warriors13316.
1983-84San Antonio Spurs40519.644.
1984-85New Jersey Nets11022.358.
1984-85San Antonio Spurs909.038.2100.
1985-86Chicago Bulls404.533.3100.
1985-86Cleveland Cavaliers40313.838.629.489.

Postseason - Player Totals:

Player Pos GP Min FGA FGM 3PA 3PM FTA FTM Off Def Reb Ast Stl Blk TO PF Pts
1978-79Portland Trail Blazers39439220013947118195753
1979-80Portland Trail Blazers31066126309512363171057
1980-81San Antonio Spurs7118612931292105513166680
1984-85New Jersey Nets393301510861455303736

Postseason Player Averages:

Player Pos GP MPG FG% 3P% FT% Off Def Reb Ast Stl Blk TO PF Pts
1978-79Portland Trail Blazers331.356.469.
1979-80Portland Trail Blazers335.342.
1980-81San Antonio Spurs716.947.533.372.
1984-85New Jersey Nets331.