1987-88 Los Angeles Lakers Statistics

National Basketball Association (NBA)
Team Record: 62-20
Finishing 1st in the NBA's Pacific Division of the Western Conference
Postseason: 15-9 Won NBA championship
Conference First Round - Defeated San Antonio Spurs 3-0
Conference Semifinals - Defeated Utah Jazz 4-3
Conference Finals - Defeated Dallas Mavericks 4-3
Finals - Defeated Detroit Pistons 4-3
Coach: Pat Riley (62-20)
Location: Los Angeles, California
Attendance: 714,477, Avg. 17,426 in 41 home dates
1987-88 Los Angeles Lakers Roster
1987-88 Los Angeles Lakers Results

The Los Angeles Lakers of the National Basketball Association ended the 1987-88 season with a record of 62 wins and 20 losses, finishing first in the NBA's Pacific Division of the Western Conference. The team compiled a postseason mark of 15-9.

Los Angeles scored 9,250 points and allowed 8,771. Byron Scott scored a team-leading 1,754 points for the Lakers, while Earvin Johnson and James Worthy netted 18 or more per game, too. A.C. Green contributed 710 rebounds. Earvin Johnson dished out 858 assists for the squad.

On the defensive side of the ball, Byron Scott added 155 steals.

Pat Riley coached the team. The 1987-88 Los Angeles Lakers won the NBA championship.

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Player Totals:

Player Pos GP GS Min FGA FGM 3PA 3PM FTA FTM Off Def Reb Ast Stl Blk TO PF Pts
Byron ScottG8181304813487101796231727276257333335155271612041754
James WorthyF75722655116161716230424212924537428972551551751478
Earvin JohnsonG-F72702637996490561148941788361449858114132691471408
Kareem Abdul-JabbarC808023089034801026920511836047813548921592161165
A.C. GreenF-C8264263664032220379293245465710938745120204937
Mychal ThompsonC-F800200772237030292185198291489663879113251925
Michael CooperG-F61817934821891785711397501782282896626101136532
Wes MatthewsG51870624811430765541650661382536965289
Kurt RambisF702084518610200937310316526854391359103277
Milt WagnerG4043801476210229264242861642242152
Tony CampbellF-G1312421015731392881927151122641143
Mike SmrekC48242110344006644275885874230105132
Ray TolbertF14082281600131091120533111442
Billy ThompsonF90381330010827911061114
Jeff LampF-G307000022000000012

Player Averages:

Player Pos GP GS MPG FG% 3P% FT% Off Def Reb Ast Stl Blk TO PF Pts
Byron ScottG818137.652.734.685.
James WorthyF757235.453.112.579.
Earvin JohnsonG-F727036.649.219.685.
Kareem Abdul-JabbarC808028.953.
A.C. GreenF-C826432.
Mychal ThompsonC-F80025.
Michael CooperG-F61829.439.
Wes MatthewsG51813.846.023.383.
Kurt RambisF702012.154.878.
Milt WagnerG4049.542.
Tony CampbellF-G13118.656.433.371.
Mike SmrekC4828.842.766.
Ray TolbertF1405.957.
Billy ThompsonF904.
Jeff LampF-G302.3100.

Postseason - Player Totals:

Player Pos GP Min FGA FGM 3PA 3PM FTA FTM Off Def Reb Ast Stl Blk TO PF Pts
James WorthyF248963902049112897538613910633195558506
Earvin JohnsonG-F2496532916914715513232981303033448361477
Byron ScottG248973571785524104902674100603454765470
Kareem Abdul-JabbarC2471830414120715649821313615374681338
A.C. GreenF-C2472616992007355001752011122661239
Mychal ThompsonC-F2461519198006236631071701217213370232
Michael CooperG-F245881315462252720154358661992157153
Kurt RambisF1918634210013913385195282851
Tony CampbellF-G15944218101611461053051647
Wes MatthewsG102752101080112103412
Milt WagnerG514521022022301036
Mike SmrekC834510031156013243

Postseason Player Averages:

Player Pos GP MPG FG% 3P% FT% Off Def Reb Ast Stl Blk TO PF Pts
James WorthyF2437.352.311.
Earvin JohnsonG-F2440.251.450.
Byron ScottG2437.449.943.686.
Kareem Abdul-JabbarC2429.946.
A.C. GreenF-C2430.354.475.
Mychal ThompsonC-F2425.651.358.
Michael CooperG-F2424.541.240.374.
Kurt RambisF199.861.869.
Tony CampbellF-G156.342.
Wes MatthewsG102.740.
Milt WagnerG52.840.00.0100.
Mike SmrekC84.320.