Kansas City Chiefs
Yearly Results

Franchise Regular Season and Playoff Results

Year Rank Team W L T Pct. PF PA
19602Dallas Texans860.571362253
19612Dallas Texans680.429334343
19621Dallas Texans1130.786389233Won Championship
19633Kansas City Chiefs572.429347263
19642Kansas City Chiefs770.500366306
19653Kansas City Chiefs752.571322285
19661Kansas City Chiefs1121.821448276Won Championship
19672Kansas City Chiefs950.643408254
19681Kansas City Chiefs1220.857371170Lost Division Playoff
19692Kansas City Chiefs1130.786359177Won Super Bowl
19702Kansas City Chiefs752.571272244
19711Kansas City Chiefs1031.750302208Lost Division Playoff
19722Kansas City Chiefs860.571287254
19732Kansas City Chiefs752.571231192
19743Kansas City Chiefs590.357233293
19753Kansas City Chiefs590.357282341
19764Kansas City Chiefs590.357290376
19775Kansas City Chiefs2120.143225349
19785Kansas City Chiefs4120.250243327
19795Kansas City Chiefs790.438238262
19803Kansas City Chiefs880.500319336
19813Kansas City Chiefs970.563343290
19824Kansas City Chiefs360.333176184
19834Kansas City Chiefs6100.375386367
19844Kansas City Chiefs880.500314324
19855Kansas City Chiefs6100.375317360
19862Kansas City Chiefs1060.625358326Lost Wild Card
19875Kansas City Chiefs4110.267273388
19885Kansas City Chiefs4111.281254320
19892Kansas City Chiefs871.531318286
19902Kansas City Chiefs1150.688369257Lost Wild Card
19912Kansas City Chiefs1060.625322252Lost Division Playoff
19922Kansas City Chiefs1060.625348282Lost Wild Card
19931Kansas City Chiefs1150.688328291Lost Conference Championship
19942Kansas City Chiefs970.563319298Lost Wild Card
19951Kansas City Chiefs1330.813358241Lost Division Playoff
19962Kansas City Chiefs970.563297300
19971Kansas City Chiefs1330.813375232Lost Division Playoff
19984Kansas City Chiefs790.438327363
19991Kansas City Chiefs970.563390322
20003Kansas City Chiefs790.438355354
20014Kansas City Chiefs6100.375320344
20023Kansas City Chiefs880.500467399
20031Kansas City Chiefs1330.813484332Lost Division Playoff
20043Kansas City Chiefs790.438483435
20052Kansas City Chiefs1060.625403325
20062Kansas City Chiefs970.563331315Lost Wild Card
20073Kansas City Chiefs4120.250226335
20084Kansas City Chiefs2140.125291440
20094Kansas City Chiefs4120.250294424
20101Kansas City Chiefs1060.625366326Lost Wild Card
20114Kansas City Chiefs790.438212338
20124Kansas City Chiefs2140.125211425
20132Kansas City Chiefs1150.688430305Lost Wild Card
20142Kansas City Chiefs970.563353281
20152Kansas City Chiefs1150.688405287Lost Division Playoff
20161Kansas City Chiefs1240.750389311Lost Division Playoff
20171Kansas City Chiefs1060.625415339Lost Wild Card
20181Kansas City Chiefs1240.750565421Lost Conference Final
20191Kansas City Chiefs1240.750451308Won Championship
20201Kansas City Chiefs1420.875473362Lost Super Bowl
20210Kansas City Chiefs.000


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