George Allen

George Herbert Allen
Born: April 29, 1922
Grosse Point Woods, MI USA
College: Marquette
Deceased: December 31, 1990
Rancho Palos Verdes, CA USA
Coaching Career: 1966-1984
Elected to Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2002

George Allen compiled a record of 138 wins and 61 losses and 5 ties in his coaching career with the Los Angeles Rams, Washington Redskins, Chicago Blitz and Arizona Wranglers. He began coaching during the 1966 season and last coached during the 1984 campaign.

Coaching Record:

Regular Season Playoffs
Season League Team G W L T Win% G W L Win%
1966NFLLos Angeles Rams14860.571
1967NFLLos Angeles Rams141112.857 101.000
1968NFLLos Angeles Rams141031.750
1969NFLLos Angeles Rams141130.786 101.000
1970NFLLos Angeles Rams14941.679
1971NFLWashington Redskins14941.679 101.000
1972NFLWashington Redskins141130.786 321.667NFC Champions
1973NFLWashington Redskins141040.714 101.000
1974NFLWashington Redskins141040.714 101.000
1975NFLWashington Redskins14860.571
1976NFLWashington Redskins141040.714 101.000
1977NFLWashington Redskins14950.643
1983USFLChicago Blitz181260.667 101.000
1984USFLArizona Wranglers181080.556 321.667
Totals204138615.689 1349.308


1967 - AP NFL Coach of the Year (tie)
1967 - Sporting News NFL Coach of the Year
1971 - AP NFL Coach of the Year
1971 - Sporting News NFL Coach of the Year


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