Don Shula

Donald Francis Shula
Born: January 4, 1930
Grand River, OH USA
College: John Carroll
High School: Harvey (Painesville, OH)
Coaching Career: 1963-1995
Elected to Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1997
Playing statistics

Don Shula compiled a record of 328 wins and 156 losses and 6 ties in his coaching career with the Baltimore Colts and Miami Dolphins. He began coaching during the 1963 season and last coached during the 1995 campaign.

Coaching Record:

Regular Season Playoffs
Season League Team G W L T Win% G W L Win%
1963NFLBaltimore Colts14860.571
1964NFLBaltimore Colts141220.857 101.000
1965NFLBaltimore Colts141031.750 101.000
1966NFLBaltimore Colts14950.643
1967NFLBaltimore Colts141112.857
1968NFLBaltimore Colts141310.929 321.667NFL Champions
1969NFLBaltimore Colts14851.607
1970NFLMiami Dolphins141040.714 101.000
1971NFLMiami Dolphins141031.750 321.667AFC Champions
1972NFLMiami Dolphins1414001.000 3301.000Super Bowl Champions
1973NFLMiami Dolphins141220.857 3301.000Super Bowl Champions
1974NFLMiami Dolphins141130.786 101.000
1975NFLMiami Dolphins141040.714
1976NFLMiami Dolphins14680.429
1977NFLMiami Dolphins141040.714
1978NFLMiami Dolphins161150.688 101.000
1979NFLMiami Dolphins161060.625 101.000
1980NFLMiami Dolphins16880.500
1981NFLMiami Dolphins161141.719 101.000
1982NFLMiami Dolphins9720.778 431.750AFC Champions
1983NFLMiami Dolphins161240.750 101.000
1984NFLMiami Dolphins161420.875 321.667AFC Champions
1985NFLMiami Dolphins161240.750 211.500
1986NFLMiami Dolphins16880.500
1987NFLMiami Dolphins15870.533
1988NFLMiami Dolphins166100.375
1989NFLMiami Dolphins16880.500
1990NFLMiami Dolphins161240.750 211.500
1991NFLMiami Dolphins16880.500
1992NFLMiami Dolphins161150.688 211.500
1993NFLMiami Dolphins16970.563
1994NFLMiami Dolphins161060.625 211.500
1995NFLMiami Dolphins16970.563 101.000
Totals4903281566.676 361917.528


- Pro Football Hall of Fame 1st team All-1970s Team
1964 - AP NFL Coach of the Year
1964 - Sporting News NFL Coach of the Year
1967 - AP NFL Coach of the Year (tie)
1968 - AP NFL Coach of the Year
1968 - Sporting News NFL Coach of the Year
1970 - Sporting News NFL Coach of the Year
1972 - AP NFL Coach of the Year
1972 - Sporting News NFL Coach of the Year