Mike Tomlin

Mike Tomlin
Born: March 15, 1972
Hampton, VA USA
College: William & Mary
Coaching Career: 2007-2020

Mike Tomlin compiled a record of 138 wins and 74 losses and 1 ties in his coaching career with the Pittsburgh Steelers. He began coaching during the 2007 season and last coached during the 2020 campaign.

Pittsburgh Steelers
Pittsburgh Steelers

Coaching Record:

Regular Season Playoffs
Season League Team G W L T Win% G W L Win%
2007NFLPittsburgh Steelers161060.625 101.000
2008NFLPittsburgh Steelers161240.750 3301.000Super Bowl Champions
2009NFLPittsburgh Steelers16970.563
2010NFLPittsburgh Steelers161240.750 321.667AFC Champions
2011NFLPittsburgh Steelers161240.750 101.000
2012NFLPittsburgh Steelers16880.500
2013NFLPittsburgh Steelers16880.500
2014NFLPittsburgh Steelers161150.688 101.000
2015NFLPittsburgh Steelers161060.625 211.500
2016NFLPittsburgh Steelers161150.688 321.667
2017NFLPittsburgh Steelers161330.813 101.000
2018NFLPittsburgh Steelers16961.594
2019NFLPittsburgh Steelers16880.500
2020NFLPittsburgh Steelers55001.000
Totals213138741.650 1587.533