Drew Brees

Drew Christopher Brees
Born: January 15, 1979
Austin, TX USA
Position: QB
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 209
College: Purdue
High School: Westlake (Austin, TX)
Career: 2001-2020
Drafted: 2001 in Round 2, #32 overall by the San Diego Chargers

Drew Brees played from 2001 to 2020 during his career with the San Diego Chargers and New Orleans Saints. Brees threw for 80,358 yards in his career, completing 7,142 of 10,551 passes with 571 touchdowns and 243 interceptions. He also ran for 752 yards in 498 attempts with 25 rushing touchdowns.

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Year Team Att Comp Comp % Yds Yds/Att TDs TD % Ints Int % Long Sacked Yds Lost Rating
2001NFL San Diego Chargers271555.62218.213.700.040 21294.8
2002NFL San Diego Chargers52632060.832846.2173.2163.052 2418076.9
2003NFL San Diego Chargers35620557.621085.9113.1154.268 2117867.5
2004NFL San Diego Chargers40026265.531597.9276.871.879 18131104.8
2005NFL San Diego Chargers50032364.635767.2244.8153.054 2722389.2
2006NFL New Orleans Saints55435664.344188.0264.7112.086 1810596.2
2007NFL New Orleans Saints65244067.544236.8284.3182.858 1610989.4
2008NFL New Orleans Saints63541365.050698.0345.4172.784 139296.2
2009NFL New Orleans Saints51436370.643888.5346.6112.175 20135109.6
2010NFL New Orleans Saints65844868.146207.0335.0223.380 2518590.9
2011NFL New Orleans Saints65746871.254768.3467.0142.179 24158110.6
2012NFL New Orleans Saints67042263.051777.7436.4192.880 2619096.3
2013NFL New Orleans Saints65044668.651627.9396.0121.876 37244104.7
2014NFL New Orleans Saints65945669.249527.5335.0172.669 2918697.0
2015NFL New Orleans Saints62742868.348707.8325.1111.880 31235101.0
2016NFL New Orleans Saints67347170.052087.7375.5152.298 27184101.7
2017NFL New Orleans Saints53638672.043348.1234.381.554 20145103.9
2018NFL New Orleans Saints48936474.439928.2326.551.072 17121115.7
2019NFL New Orleans Saints37828174.329797.9277.141.161 1289116.3
2020NFL New Orleans Saints39027570.529427.5246.261.552 1389106.4
Totals10551714267.7803587.65715.42432.398 4202991


Year Team No. Yds Avg. Long TDs
2001NFL San Diego Chargers2189.013 0
2002NFL San Diego Chargers381303.415 1
2003NFL San Diego Chargers21844.018 0
2004NFL San Diego Chargers53851.622 2
2005NFL San Diego Chargers21492.31
2006NFL New Orleans Saints42320.816 0
2007NFL New Orleans Saints23522.31
2008NFL New Orleans Saints22-1-0.00
2009NFL New Orleans Saints22331.510 2
2010NFL New Orleans Saints18-3-0.20
2011NFL New Orleans Saints21864.120 1
2012NFL New Orleans Saints1550.311 1
2013NFL New Orleans Saints35521.516 3
2014NFL New Orleans Saints27682.513 1
2015NFL New Orleans Saints24140.612 1
2016NFL New Orleans Saints23200.92
2017NFL New Orleans Saints33120.42
2018NFL New Orleans Saints31220.711 4
2019NFL New Orleans Saints9-4-0.41
2020NFL New Orleans Saints18-2-0.12
Totals4987521.522 25


Year Team No. Yds Avg. Long TDs
2003NFL San Diego Chargers12121.021 1
2004NFL San Diego Chargers13838.038 0
2007NFL New Orleans Saints2105.00
2009NFL New Orleans Saints1-4-4.0-4 0
2010NFL New Orleans Saints177.00
2014NFL New Orleans Saints111.00
2018NFL New Orleans Saints111.00
Totals8749.238 1

Defense and Fumbles:

Total Scoring:

Playing Career:


2004 - AP Comeback Player of the Year
2006 - Walter Payton Man of the Year
2008 - AP Offensive Player of the Year
2009 - Bert Bell Award (Player of the Year)
2009 - Super Bowl MVP
2011 - AP Offensive Player of the Year


2006 - Associated Press All-NFL (1st Team)
2006 - Pro Football Writers Association All-NFL (1st Team)
2006 - The Sporting News All-NFL (1st Team)
2008 - Associated Press All-NFL (2nd Team)
2008 - The Sporting News All-NFL (1st Team)
2009 - Associated Press All-NFL (2nd Team)
2009 - The Sporting News All-NFL (1st Team)
2011 - Associated Press All-NFL (2nd Team)
2011 - Pro Football Focus All-NFL (2nd Team)


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