Darryl Hammond

Darryl Hammond
Born: September 24, 1967
Tappannock, VA
Position: WR/LB
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 225
College: Virginia
Career: 1991-2006

Darryl Hammond played from 1991 to 2006 during his career with the Albany Firebirds, Austin Wranglers, Georgia Force, Nashville Kats and St. Louis Stampede. Hammond caught 792 passes for 8,456 yards and 144 receiving touchdowns in his career.

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Year Team Att Comp Comp % Yds Yds/Att TDs TD % Ints Int % Long Rating
1991Arena Albany Firebirds11100.02727.000.000.027 118.8
1992Arena Albany Firebirds11100.02626.01100.000.026 158.3
2001Arena Nashville Kats11100.01111.000.000.0 112.5


Year Team No. Yds Avg. Long TDs
1991Arena Albany Firebirds3103.3 0
1992Arena Albany Firebirds199.0 0
1994Arena Albany Firebirds144.0 1
1995Arena St. Louis Stampede11363.3 3
1996Arena St. Louis Stampede4215.2 0
1997Arena Nashville Kats231.5 1
1999Arena Nashville Kats14312.2 4
2000Arena Nashville Kats10525.2 1
2001Arena Nashville Kats2-1-0.5 1
2002Arena Georgia Force4-6-1.5 1
2003Arena Georgia Force3227.3 1
2004Arena Austin Wranglers9141.6 1
2005Arena Nashville Kats7101.4 3


Year Team No. Yds Avg. Long TDs
1991Arena Albany Firebirds272549.4 7
1992Arena Albany Firebirds199.0 0
1993Arena Albany Firebirds3545413.0 6
1994Arena Albany Firebirds1010110.1 2
1995Arena St. Louis Stampede8097912.2 12
1996Arena St. Louis Stampede7486011.6 16
1997Arena Nashville Kats5060712.1 4
1998Arena Nashville Kats312929.4 7
1999Arena Nashville Kats887889.0 19
2000Arena Nashville Kats5558110.6 9
2001Arena Nashville Kats6070811.8 10
2002Arena Georgia Force655208.0 8
2003Arena Georgia Force90109512.2 22
2004Arena Austin Wranglers474279.1 12
2005Arena Nashville Kats666329.6 8
2006Arena Nashville Kats1314911.5 2

Kick Returns:

Year Team No. Yds Avg. Long TDs
1991Arena Albany Firebirds23919.5 0
1992Arena Albany Firebirds122.0 0
1993Arena Albany Firebirds11414.0 0
1994Arena Albany Firebirds2442817.8 0
1996Arena St. Louis Stampede3227.3 0
1997Arena Nashville Kats1722813.4 0
1999Arena Nashville Kats2147.0 0
2000Arena Nashville Kats79914.1 0
2001Arena Nashville Kats6437.2 0
2002Arena Georgia Force100.0 0
2003Arena Georgia Force2-14-7.0 0
2005Arena Nashville Kats100.0 0
2006Arena Nashville Kats393.0 0


Year Team No. Yds Avg. Long TDs
1991Arena Albany Firebirds58416.8 2
1992Arena Albany Firebirds200.0 0
1993Arena Albany Firebirds2199.5 0
1995Arena St. Louis Stampede4102.5 0
1996Arena St. Louis Stampede2199.5 0
1997Arena Nashville Kats200.0 0
1999Arena Nashville Kats100.0 0
2000Arena Nashville Kats25025.0 0
2001Arena Nashville Kats2105.0 0
2002Arena Georgia Force2147.0 1
2003Arena Georgia Force2136.5 2
2005Arena Nashville Kats2105.0 0
2006Arena Nashville Kats24924.5 1


Year Team No. Yds Avg.
1993Arena Albany Firebirds2.00.0
1995Arena St. Louis Stampede1.00.0
1997Arena Nashville Kats1.00.0
2002Arena Georgia Force1.00.0
2006Arena Nashville Kats1.00.0

Defense and Fumbles:

Year Team Tackle Solo Ast Brup Fum F Rec FYds FTD FF K Blk
1991Arena Albany Firebirds42.538911000
1992Arena Albany Firebirds57.55554100
1993Arena Albany Firebirds5749168321
1994Arena Albany Firebirds28.522132000
1995Arena St. Louis Stampede43.538114100
1996Arena St. Louis Stampede575467200
1997Arena Nashville Kats4133161100
1998Arena Nashville Kats17.51392200
1999Arena Nashville Kats49.538233200
2000Arena Nashville Kats5542262500
2001Arena Nashville Kats3024128000
2002Arena Georgia Force4935281210
2003Arena Georgia Force3326144130
2004Arena Austin Wranglers252182300
2005Arena Nashville Kats40.530210100
2006Arena Nashville Kats2721122100

Total Scoring:

Touchdowns Other Total
Year Team Rush Rec Punt Kick MFG Int Fum Other FG X/C Single 2Pt Saf Points
1991Arena Albany Firebirds070200054
1993Arena Albany Firebirds60000036
1994Arena Albany Firebirds120000018
1995Arena St. Louis Stampede312000090
1996Arena St. Louis Stampede0160000096
1997Arena Nashville Kats140000030
1998Arena Nashville Kats7000042
1999Arena Nashville Kats41900000138
2000Arena Nashville Kats190000060
2001Arena Nashville Kats1100000066
2002Arena Georgia Force180100060
2003Arena Georgia Force12202000150
2004Arena Austin Wranglers112000078
2005Arena Nashville Kats380000066
2006Arena Nashville Kats20100018

Playing Career:

Year League Team GP GS
1991ArenaAlbany Firebirds10
1992ArenaAlbany Firebirds8
1993ArenaAlbany Firebirds12
1994ArenaAlbany Firebirds8
1995ArenaSt. Louis Stampede12
1996ArenaSt. Louis Stampede14
1997ArenaNashville Kats14
1998ArenaNashville Kats8
1999ArenaNashville Kats14
2000ArenaNashville Kats14
2001ArenaNashville Kats12
2002ArenaGeorgia Force14
2003ArenaGeorgia Force16
2004ArenaAustin Wranglers11
2005ArenaNashville Kats14
2006ArenaNashville Kats8


1995 - Arena All-Arena (First-Team)
1996 - Arena All-Arena (First-Team)
1999 - Arena All-Arena (First-Team)


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