Jackie Parker

Jack Dickenson Parker
Born: August 3, 1932
Knoxville, TN
Deceased: November 7, 2006
Edmonton, AB
Position: QB,QB/HB
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 190
College: Mississippi State
High School: Young (South Knoxville, TN)
Career: 1954-1968
Coaching record

Jackie Parker played from 1954 to 1968 during his career with the BC Lions, Edmonton Eskimos and Toronto Argonauts. Parker threw for 16,476 yards in his career, completing 1,089 of 2,061 passes with 88 touchdowns and 123 interceptions. He also ran for 5,210 yards in 854 attempts with 67 rushing touchdowns.

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Year Team Att Comp Comp % Yds Yds/Att TDs TD % Ints Int % Long Rating
1954CFL Edmonton Eskimos553665.555810.123.635.588.3
1955CFL Edmonton Eskimos1204840.07756.565.065.055 58.2
1956CFL Edmonton Eskimos22611751.818898.4114.9167.155 66.8
1957CFL Edmonton Eskimos1357051.912509.332.2118.185 57.3
1958CFL Edmonton Eskimos24112451.519087.983.3166.685 61.4
1959CFL Edmonton Eskimos1438055.912078.485.696.357 76.3
1960CFL Edmonton Eskimos1799251.416139.063.4105.668 70.4
1961CFL Edmonton Eskimos1849250.014057.6116.0137.153 66.1
1962CFL Edmonton Eskimos20111054.715327.6157.594.557 85.7
1963CFL Toronto Argonauts21911552.516037.373.273.256 73.7
1964CFL Toronto Argonauts23313758.818417.9104.3156.471 71.5
1965CFL Toronto Argonauts341441.21695.012.938.831 30.1
1968CFL BC Lions915459.37268.000.055.554 61.9


Year Team No. Yds Avg. Long TDs
1954CFL Edmonton Eskimos1179257.957 10
1955CFL Edmonton Eskimos623736.026 7
1956CFL Edmonton Eskimos925836.339 10
1957CFL Edmonton Eskimos1027177.042 11
1958CFL Edmonton Eskimos914054.526 8
1959CFL Edmonton Eskimos432275.326 4
1960CFL Edmonton Eskimos1096686.129 8
1961CFL Edmonton Eskimos876447.449 3
1962CFL Edmonton Eskimos381714.518 3
1963CFL Toronto Argonauts391453.722 0
1964CFL Toronto Argonauts331976.030 2
1965CFL Toronto Argonauts12887.320 0
1968CFL BC Lions29672.311 1
Totals85452106.157 67


Year Team No. Yds Avg. Long TDs
1954CFL Edmonton Eskimos911512.827 3
1956CFL Edmonton Eskimos22110.512 0
1957CFL Edmonton Eskimos2755920.781 5
1958CFL Edmonton Eskimos34715.728 0
1959CFL Edmonton Eskimos2032416.263 3
1960CFL Edmonton Eskimos1021621.650 2
1961CFL Edmonton Eskimos2338316.748 1
1962CFL Edmonton Eskimos915016.745 0
1963CFL Toronto Argonauts2332714.236 2
1964CFL Toronto Argonauts916618.433 3
Totals135230817.181 19


Year Team X/CA X/CM X/CP % FGA FGM FG % FGS KO Yds. Avg. Long KOS Pts.
1958CFL Edmonton Eskimos8562.56466.70000017
1959CFL Edmonton Eskimos383181.6151280.00000067
1960CFL Edmonton Eskimos311754.817952.93000047
1961CFL Edmonton Eskimos393487.2211466.7414141.041080
1965CFL Toronto Argonauts1616100.03133.3013636.036019


Year Team No. Yds Avg. Long PS
1954CFL Edmonton Eskimos49201341.1782
1955CFL Edmonton Eskimos1767339.6510
1956CFL Edmonton Eskimos86357541.6666
1957CFL Edmonton Eskimos421253.0681
1958CFL Edmonton Eskimos51196338.5673
1959CFL Edmonton Eskimos14545.0450
1960CFL Edmonton Eskimos29447.0520
1961CFL Edmonton Eskimos421553.8710
1962CFL Edmonton Eskimos15454.0540

Punt Returns:

Year Team No. Yds Avg. Long TDs
1954CFL Edmonton Eskimos284.00
1959CFL Edmonton Eskimos100.00
1961CFL Edmonton Eskimos133.00
1965CFL Toronto Argonauts2115.50

Kick Returns:

Year Team No. Yds Avg. Long TDs
1954CFL Edmonton Eskimos23015.020 0
1957CFL Edmonton Eskimos821827.295 1
1958CFL Edmonton Eskimos512525.045 0
Totals1537324.995 1


Year Team No. Yds Avg. Long TDs
1954CFL Edmonton Eskimos4328.015 0
1957CFL Edmonton Eskimos12323.023 0
1958CFL Edmonton Eskimos100.00
1959CFL Edmonton Eskimos22512.523 0
1965CFL Toronto Argonauts45513.832 0
Totals1213511.232 0

Defense and Fumbles:

Year Team Tackle Brup Fum F Rec FYds FTD FF
1956CFL Edmonton Eskimos100
1963CFL Toronto ArgonautsN/A1

Total Scoring:

Touchdowns Other Total
Year Team Rush Rec Punt Kick MFG Int Fum Other FG X/C Single 2Pt Saf Points
1954CFL Edmonton Eskimos10300000267
1955CFL Edmonton Eskimos700035
1956CFL Edmonton Eskimos1000000666
1957CFL Edmonton Eskimos115100001103
1958CFL Edmonton Eskimos8000045368
1959CFL Edmonton Eskimos4300012310109
1960CFL Edmonton Eskimos8209173107
1961CFL Edmonton Eskimos310014344104
1962CFL Edmonton Eskimos3000018
1963CFL Toronto Argonauts02100018
1964CFL Toronto Argonauts2300030
1965CFL Toronto Argonauts0000116019
1968CFL BC Lions10006

Playing Career:

Year League Team GP GS
1954CFLEdmonton Eskimos140
1955CFLEdmonton Eskimos140
1956CFLEdmonton Eskimos160
1957CFLEdmonton Eskimos160
1958CFLEdmonton Eskimos160
1959CFLEdmonton Eskimos120
1960CFLEdmonton Eskimos160
1961CFLEdmonton Eskimos160
1962CFLEdmonton Eskimos110
1963CFLToronto Argonauts140
1964CFLToronto Argonauts130
1965CFLToronto Argonauts110
1968CFLBC Lions81


1957 - CFL Most Outstanding Player
1958 - CFL Most Outstanding Player
1960 - CFL Most Outstanding Player


1954 - CFL CFL West All-Star
1955 - CFL Shrine West All-Star
1955 - CFL CFL West All-Star
1956 - CFL Shrine West All-Star
1956 - CFL CFL West All-Star
1957 - CFL CFL West All-Star
1957 - CFL Shrine West All-Star
1957 - CFL Ted Reeves All-Star
1958 - CFL Ted Reeves All-Star
1958 - CFL Shrine West All-Star
1958 - CFL CFL West All-Star
1959 - CFL CFL West All-Star
1960 - CFL CFL West All-Star
1961 - CFL Ted Reeves All-Star
1961 - CFL CFL West All-Star