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Noel Prefontaine

Noel Michael Prefontaine
Born: December 23, 1973
Camp Pendleton, CA
Position: P/K,QB
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 205
College: San Diego State
High School: El Camino (Oceanside, CA)
Career: 1998-2013

Noel Prefontaine played from 1998 to 2013 during his career with the Edmonton Eskimos, Los Angeles Xtreme and Toronto Argonauts. Prefontaine threw for 229 yards in his career, completing 11 of 22 passes with 0 touchdowns and 4 interceptions. He also ran for 116 yards in 13 attempts with 1 rushing touchdowns.

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Year Team Att Comp Comp % Yds Yds/Att TDs TD % Ints Int % Long Rating
1999CFL Toronto Argonauts2150.02914.500.000.029 95.8
2002CFL Toronto Argonauts200.
2003CFL Toronto Argonauts2150.0168.000.000.016 77.1
2004CFL Toronto Argonauts11100.02121.000.000.021 118.8
2005CFL Toronto Argonauts3133.3289.300.000.028 68.8
2006CFL Toronto Argonauts11100.
2007CFL Toronto Argonauts11100.01111.000.000.011 112.5
2008CFL Edmonton Eskimos11100.01919.000.000.019 118.8
2009CFL Edmonton Eskimos100.000.000.01100.00.0
2010CFL Edmonton Eskimos11100.
2011CFL Toronto Argonauts5360.09218.400.0240.039 64.6
2012CFL Toronto Argonauts100.
2013CFL Toronto Argonauts100.000.000.01100.00.0


Year Team No. Yds Avg. Long TDs
1998CFL Toronto Argonauts3155.00
2000CFL Toronto Argonauts11717.017 0
2001CFL Toronto Argonauts242.010 0
2001XFL Los Angeles Xtreme11010.010t1
2003CFL Toronto Argonauts1-9-9.0-9 0
2004CFL Toronto Argonauts23115.516 0
2008CFL Edmonton Eskimos11010.010 0
2009CFL Edmonton Eskimos23819.031 0
CFL121068.831 0
XFL11010.010 1
Totals131168.931 1


Year Team X/CA X/CM X/CP % FGA FGM FG % FGS KO Yds. Avg. Long KOS Pts.
1998CFL Toronto Argonauts1212100.0231043.5936192353.470051
1999CFL Toronto Argonauts00500.0062355357.38700
2000CFL Toronto Argonauts00300.0052289455.78011
2001CFL Toronto Argonauts0000044264660.16900
2002CFL Toronto Argonauts3232100.0322784.4264394161.6780115
2003CFL Toronto Argonauts444397.7543972.2377454159.0700163
2004CFL Toronto Argonauts4040100.0402972.5466379057.4800131
2005CFL Toronto Argonauts4949100.0443375.0782500761.1750155
2006CFL Toronto Argonauts3131100.0423173.8466398960.4730128
2007CFL Toronto Argonauts373697.3392666.7465398161.2710118
2008CFL Edmonton Eskimos4848100.0463576.1777463660.2730160
2009CFL Edmonton Eskimos4444100.0372875.7698555556.7720134
2010CFL Toronto Argonauts66100.07685.701482659.065024
2010CFL Edmonton Eskimos2525100.0252184.0152301157.986190
2011CFL Toronto Argonauts3333100.0453782.22415939.8630146
2012CFL Toronto Argonauts55100.0151066.711170263.873036
2013CFL Toronto Argonauts2727100.0241562.5645256957.170078


Year Team No. Yds Avg. Long PS
1998CFL Toronto Argonauts132616946.78610
1999CFL Toronto Argonauts142677547.78813
2000CFL Toronto Argonauts134626946.8849
2001CFL Toronto Argonauts70313244.7665
2001XFL Los Angeles Xtreme35148542.454
2002CFL Toronto Argonauts156719746.1729
2003CFL Toronto Argonauts117548446.9816
2004CFL Toronto Argonauts125574045.9846
2005CFL Toronto Argonauts100452445.2695
2006CFL Toronto Argonauts137634546.3698
2007CFL Toronto Argonauts120551145.9706
2008CFL Edmonton Eskimos103483146.97511
2009CFL Edmonton Eskimos114505444.3811
2010CFL Toronto Argonauts2188842.3560
2010CFL Edmonton Eskimos87374743.1816
2011CFL Toronto Argonauts105454543.3753
2012CFL Toronto Argonauts44188942.9613
2013CFL Toronto Argonauts61250541.1683

Missed Field Goal Returns:

Year Team No. Yds Avg. Long TDs
2002CFL Toronto Argonauts199.090

Defense and Fumbles:

Total Scoring:

Touchdowns Other Total
Year Team Rush Rec Punt Kick MFG Int Fum Other FG X/C Single 2Pt Saf Points
1998CFL Toronto Argonauts0010121961
1999CFL Toronto Argonauts00001313
2000CFL Toronto Argonauts00001010
2001CFL Toronto Argonauts000055
2001XFL Los Angeles Xtreme10000000006
2002CFL Toronto Argonauts00273211124
2003CFL Toronto Argonauts0039439169
2004CFL Toronto Argonauts00294010137
2005CFL Toronto Argonauts00334912160
2006CFL Toronto Argonauts0313112136
2007CFL Toronto Argonauts0263610124
2008CFL Edmonton Eskimos00354818171
2009CFL Edmonton Eskimos0028447135
2010CFL Toronto Argonauts066024
2010CFL Edmonton Eskimos02125896
2011CFL Toronto Argonauts037335149
2012CFL Toronto Argonauts0105439
2013CFL Toronto Argonauts015279081

Playing Career:


1998 - CFL CFL East All-Star
1999 - CFL CFL All-CFL
1999 - CFL CFL East All-Star
2000 - CFL CFL All-CFL
2000 - CFL CFLPA All-Star
2000 - CFL CFL East All-Star
2002 - CFL CFL East All-Star
2002 - CFL CFL East All-Star
2002 - CFL CFLPA All-Star
2002 - CFL CFL All-CFL
2003 - CFL CFL All-CFL
2003 - CFL CFLPA All-Star
2003 - CFL CFL East All-Star
2004 - CFL CFLPA All-Star
2004 - CFL CFL All-CFL
2006 - CFL CFL All-CFL
2006 - CFL CFL East All-Star
2011 - CFL CFL East All-Star