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Gordie Rowland

Gordon Rowland
Born: September 1, 1930
Montreal, QC
Deceased: October 2, 2018
Position: HB,HB/LB,DB
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 172
College: Montreal Orphuns
High School: William Dawson (Montreal, QC)
Career: 1954-1964

Gordie Rowland played from 1954 to 1964 during his career with the Winnipeg Blue Bombers. Rowland ran for 102 yards in his career on 15 attempts, scoring 0 rushing touchdowns. He also caught 11 passes for 218 yards and 2 receiving touchdowns..

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Year Team No. Yds Avg. Long TDs
1957CFL Winnipeg Blue Bombers133.00
1958CFL Winnipeg Blue Bombers13906.912 0
1959CFL Winnipeg Blue Bombers199.00
Totals151026.812 0


Year Team No. Yds Avg. Long TDs
1954CFL Winnipeg Blue Bombers33812.717 0
1957CFL Winnipeg Blue Bombers11515.015 1
1958CFL Winnipeg Blue Bombers611318.830 1
1960CFL Winnipeg Blue Bombers15252.052 0
Totals1121819.852 2


Year Team X/CA X/CM X/CP % FGA FGM FG % KO Yds. Avg. Long KOS Pts.
1960CFL Winnipeg Blue Bombers000071370252.19022
1963CFL Winnipeg Blue Bombers5360.00030127342.48514
1964CFL Winnipeg Blue Bombers0000821727.14611


Year Team No. Yds Avg. Long
1958CFL Winnipeg Blue Bombers14747.047

Punt Returns:

Year Team No. Yds Avg. Long TDs
1954CFL Winnipeg Blue Bombers514358.525 0
1955CFL Winnipeg Blue Bombers494288.729 0
1956CFL Winnipeg Blue Bombers442656.025 0
1957CFL Winnipeg Blue Bombers544287.952 0
1958CFL Winnipeg Blue Bombers564788.526 0
1959CFL Winnipeg Blue Bombers284.00
1960CFL Winnipeg Blue Bombers191035.417 0
1961CFL Winnipeg Blue Bombers11706.417 0
1962CFL Winnipeg Blue Bombers122.00
1963CFL Winnipeg Blue Bombers371784.820 0
Totals32423957.452 0

Kick Returns:

Year Team No. Yds Avg. Long TDs
1954CFL Winnipeg Blue Bombers1325719.830 0
1955CFL Winnipeg Blue Bombers510921.831 0
1956CFL Winnipeg Blue Bombers512525.032 0
1958CFL Winnipeg Blue Bombers614123.539 0
1960CFL Winnipeg Blue Bombers15050.050 0
Totals3068222.750 0


Year Team No. Yds Avg. Long TDs
1954CFL Winnipeg Blue Bombers27236.050 1
1955CFL Winnipeg Blue Bombers6345.720 0
1956CFL Winnipeg Blue Bombers55410.828 0
1957CFL Winnipeg Blue Bombers3155.00
1958CFL Winnipeg Blue Bombers612220.365 1
1959CFL Winnipeg Blue Bombers34214.040 1
1960CFL Winnipeg Blue Bombers3144.70
1962CFL Winnipeg Blue Bombers34214.040 1
Totals3139512.765 4

Defense and Fumbles:

Total Scoring:

Playing Career:


1955 - CFL Shrine West All-Star
1956 - CFL Shrine West All-Star
1957 - CFL Shrine West All-Star
1957 - CFL CFL West All-Star
1958 - CFL CFL West All-Star
1958 - CFL Shrine West All-Star
1958 - CFL Coaches All-Star
1960 - CFL CFL West All-Star
1961 - CFL CFL West All-Star
1962 - CFL CFL All-CFL
1962 - CFL CFL West All-Star