Y.A. Tittle

Yelberton Abraham Tittle
Born: October 24, 1926
Marshall, TX USA
Position: QB
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 192
College: LSU
High School: Marshall (TX)
Career: 1948-1964
Drafted: 1948 in Round 1, #6 overall by the Detroit Lions
Elected to Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1971

Y.A. Tittle played from 1948 to 1964 during his career with the Baltimore Colts, San Francisco 49ers and New York Giants. Tittle threw for 33,070 yards in his career, completing 2,427 of 4,395 passes with 242 touchdowns and 248 interceptions. He also ran for 1,245 yards in 372 attempts with 39 rushing touchdowns.

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Year Team Att Comp Comp % Yds Yds/Att TDs TD % Ints Int % Long Rating
1948AAFC Baltimore Colts28916155.725228.7165.593.180 90.3
1949AAFC Baltimore Colts28914851.222097.6144.8186.280 66.8
1950NFL Baltimore Colts31516151.118846.082.5196.062 52.9
1951NFL San Francisco 49ers1146355.38087.187.097.948 68.2
1952NFL San Francisco 49ers20810651.014076.8115.3125.877 66.3
1953NFL San Francisco 49ers25914957.521218.2207.7166.271 84.1
1954NFL San Francisco 49ers29517057.622057.593.193.170 78.7
1955NFL San Francisco 49ers28714751.221857.6175.9289.878 56.6
1956NFL San Francisco 49ers21812456.916417.573.2125.577 68.6
1957NFL San Francisco 49ers27917663.121577.7134.7155.446 80.0
1958NFL San Francisco 49ers20812057.714677.194.3157.264 63.9
1959NFL San Francisco 49ers19910251.313316.7105.0157.575 58.0
1960NFL San Francisco 49ers1276954.36945.543.132.445 70.8
1961NFL New York Giants28516357.222728.0176.0124.262 85.3
1962NFL New York Giants37520053.332248.6338.8205.369 89.5
1963NFL New York Giants36722160.231458.6369.8143.870 104.8
1964NFL New York Giants28114752.317986.4103.6227.854 51.6


Year Team No. Yds Avg. Long TDs
1948AAFC Baltimore Colts521573.04
1949AAFC Baltimore Colts29893.12
1950NFL Baltimore Colts20773.833 2
1951NFL San Francisco 49ers13181.41
1952NFL San Francisco 49ers11-11-1.00
1953NFL San Francisco 49ers14412.914 6
1954NFL San Francisco 49ers28682.410 4
1955NFL San Francisco 49ers231145.035 0
1956NFL San Francisco 49ers24672.813 4
1957NFL San Francisco 49ers402205.545 6
1958NFL San Francisco 49ers22351.612 2
1959NFL San Francisco 49ers11242.222 0
1960NFL San Francisco 49ers10616.128 0
1961NFL New York Giants25853.417 3
1962NFL New York Giants171086.423 2
1963NFL New York Giants18995.518 2
1964NFL New York Giants15-7-0.51
NFL2919993.445 33
Totals37212453.345 39


Year Team No. Yds Avg. Long TDs
1959NFL San Francisco 49ers144.00

Defense and Fumbles:

Total Scoring:

Touchdowns Other Total
Year Team Rush Rec Punt Kick MFG Int Fum Other FG X/C Single 2Pt Saf Points
1948AAFC Baltimore Colts400024
1949AAFC Baltimore Colts200012
1950NFL Baltimore Colts200012
1951NFL San Francisco 49ers10006
1953NFL San Francisco 49ers600036
1954NFL San Francisco 49ers400024
1956NFL San Francisco 49ers400024
1957NFL San Francisco 49ers600036
1958NFL San Francisco 49ers200012
1961NFL New York Giants300018
1962NFL New York Giants200012
1963NFL New York Giants200012
1964NFL New York Giants10006

Playing Career:

Year League Team GP GS
1948AAFCBaltimore Colts1412
1949AAFCBaltimore Colts117
1950NFLBaltimore Colts129
1951NFLSan Francisco 49ers121
1952NFLSan Francisco 49ers125
1953NFLSan Francisco 49ers1110
1954NFLSan Francisco 49ers1211
1955NFLSan Francisco 49ers1212
1956NFLSan Francisco 49ers108
1957NFLSan Francisco 49ers1211
1958NFLSan Francisco 49ers116
1959NFLSan Francisco 49ers1110
1960NFLSan Francisco 49ers94
1961NFLNew York Giants1310
1962NFLNew York Giants1414
1963NFLNew York Giants1313
1964NFLNew York Giants1411


1957 - UPI MVP
1961 - Newspaper Ent. Assoc. MVP
1962 - UPI MVP
1963 - AP MVP
1963 - Newspaper Ent. Assoc. MVP


1957 - Associated Press All-NFL (1st Team)
1957 - United Press International All-NFL (1st Team)
1957 - New York Daily News All-NFL (1st Team)
1957 - The Sporting News All-NFL (1st Team)
1957 - Newspaper Enterprise Association All-NFL (2nd Team)
1961 - United Press International All-NFL (1st Team)
1961 - The Sporting News All-NFL (1st Team)
1961 - New York Daily News All-NFL (2nd Team)
1962 - Newspaper Enterprise Association All-NFL (1st Team)
1962 - United Press International All-NFL (1st Team)
1962 - Associated Press All-NFL (1st Team)
1962 - The Sporting News All-Conference (1st Team)
1963 - The Sporting News All-Conference (1st Team)
1963 - New York Daily News All-NFL (1st Team)
1963 - Newspaper Enterprise Association All-NFL (1st Team)
1963 - Associated Press All-NFL (1st Team)
1963 - United Press International All-NFL (1st Team)