Henry Williams

Henry Lee Williams "Gizmo"
Born: May 31, 1962
Memphis, TN USA
Position: WR
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 185
College: East Carolina
High School: Rosa Fort (Tunica, MS)
Career: 1985-2000

Henry Williams played from 1985 to 2000 during his career with the Philadelphia Eagles, Edmonton Eskimos and Memphis Showboats. Williams caught 208 passes for 3,755 yards and 22 receiving touchdowns in his career.

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Year Team No. Yds Avg. Long TDs
1985USFL Memphis Showboats1-1-1.0-1 0
1986CFL Edmonton Eskimos24924.536 1
1988CFL Edmonton Eskimos3-1-0.3-9 0
1990CFL Edmonton Eskimos2-1-0.50
1991CFL Edmonton Eskimos111.00
1992CFL Edmonton Eskimos6579.526 0
1993CFL Edmonton Eskimos2-3-1.50
1994CFL Edmonton Eskimos3-3-1.00
1996CFL Edmonton Eskimos1-3-3.0-3 0
1997CFL Edmonton Eskimos5102.00
USFL1-1-1.0-1 0
CFL251064.236 1
Totals261054.036 1


Year Team No. Yds Avg. Long TDs
1985USFL Memphis Showboats57915.826t1
1986CFL Edmonton Eskimos37926.356 0
1987CFL Edmonton Eskimos44812.021 0
1988CFL Edmonton Eskimos2551520.685 5
1989NFL Philadelphia Eagles4328.011 0
1990CFL Edmonton Eskimos1526017.348 0
1991CFL Edmonton Eskimos1323317.935 1
1992CFL Edmonton Eskimos4194823.181 6
1993CFL Edmonton Eskimos5295018.3102 6
1994CFL Edmonton Eskimos3037512.536 1
1995CFL Edmonton Eskimos3268.714 0
1997CFL Edmonton Eskimos812615.838 1
1998CFL Edmonton Eskimos58416.865 1
USFL57915.826 1
NFL4328.011 0
CFL199364418.3102 21
Totals208375518.1102 22

Punt Returns:

Year Team No. Yds Avg. Long TDs
1985USFL Memphis Showboats312578.347 0
1986CFL Edmonton Eskimos3742311.474 1
1987CFL Edmonton Eskimos8095111.991 4
1988CFL Edmonton Eskimos9696410.0100 2
1989NFL Philadelphia Eagles302678.924 0
1990CFL Edmonton Eskimos9098711.081 2
1991CFL Edmonton Eskimos98144014.788 5
1992CFL Edmonton Eskimos92112412.2104 3
1993CFL Edmonton Eskimos83115713.9104 4
1994CFL Edmonton Eskimos6768310.274 2
1995CFL Edmonton Eskimos8787110.068 0
1996CFL Edmonton Eskimos3236111.379 1
1997CFL Edmonton Eskimos848219.872 1
1998CFL Edmonton Eskimos493978.186 1
1999CFL Edmonton Eskimos534999.448 0
2000CFL Edmonton Eskimos5554910.059 0
USFL312578.347 0
NFL302678.924 0
CFL10031122711.2104 26
Totals10641175111.0104 26

Kick Returns:

Year Team No. Yds Avg. Long TDs
1985USFL Memphis Showboats3671119.849 0
1986CFL Edmonton Eskimos921023.335 0
1987CFL Edmonton Eskimos2662324.043 0
1988CFL Edmonton Eskimos1537925.334 0
1989NFL Philadelphia Eagles1424917.828 0
1990CFL Edmonton Eskimos3174324.092 1
1991CFL Edmonton Eskimos3259318.551 0
1992CFL Edmonton Eskimos2444118.434 0
1993CFL Edmonton Eskimos2138118.128 0
1994CFL Edmonton Eskimos1845125.153 0
1995CFL Edmonton Eskimos3063821.345 0
1996CFL Edmonton Eskimos2866323.748 0
1997CFL Edmonton Eskimos52110521.242 0
1998CFL Edmonton Eskimos3169022.347 0
1999CFL Edmonton Eskimos1331424.2100 1
2000CFL Edmonton Eskimos512324.632 0
USFL3671119.849 0
NFL1424917.828 0
CFL335735422.0100 2
Totals385831421.6100 2

Missed Field Goal Returns:

Year Team No. Yds Avg. Long TDs
1987CFL Edmonton Eskimos521242.41111
1988CFL Edmonton Eskimos59018.0220
1990CFL Edmonton Eskimos522945.81101
1991CFL Edmonton Eskimos616928.2510
1992CFL Edmonton Eskimos719728.1700
1993CFL Edmonton Eskimos411829.5420
1994CFL Edmonton Eskimos412531.21151
1995CFL Edmonton Eskimos57815.6260
1996CFL Edmonton Eskimos311438.0580
1997CFL Edmonton Eskimos818022.5800
1998CFL Edmonton Eskimos56713.4250
1999CFL Edmonton Eskimos13333.0330
2000CFL Edmonton Eskimos13434.0340
CFL59164627.9115 3
Totals59164627.9115 3

Defense and Fumbles:

Total Scoring:

Touchdowns Other Total
Year Team Rush Rec Punt Kick MFG Int Fum Other FG X/C Single 2Pt Saf Points
1985USFL Memphis Showboats010000000006
1986CFL Edmonton Eskimos101000012
1987CFL Edmonton Eskimos040100024
1988CFL Edmonton Eskimos0520000042
1990CFL Edmonton Eskimos0021100018
1991CFL Edmonton Eskimos0150000036
1992CFL Edmonton Eskimos0630000054
1993CFL Edmonton Eskimos0640000060
1994CFL Edmonton Eskimos0120100018
1996CFL Edmonton Eskimos01000006
1997CFL Edmonton Eskimos0110000012
1998CFL Edmonton Eskimos110000012
1999CFL Edmonton Eskimos0100006

Playing Career:


1987 - CFL CFL All-CFL
1987 - CFL CFL West All-Star
1988 - CFL CFL West All-Star
1991 - CFL CFL All-CFL
1991 - CFL CFL West All-Star
1992 - CFL CFL West All-Star
1992 - CFL CFL All-CFL
1993 - CFL CFL All-CFL
1993 - CFL CFL West All-Star
1994 - CFL CFL All-CFL
1994 - CFL CFL West All-Star
1997 - CFL CFL West All-Star


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