1946 Brooklyn Dodgers Statistics

All American Football Conference (AAFC)
Team Record: 3-10-1
Finishing 2nd in the AAFC's East Division
Coach: Tom Scott (1-6)
Coach: Mal Stevens (2-4-1)
Coach: Cliff Battles (1-6)
Location: Brooklyn, New York
1946 Brooklyn Dodgers Roster
1946 Brooklyn Dodgers Results

The Brooklyn Dodgers of the All American Football Conference ended the 1946 season with a record of 3 wins and 10 losses and 1 ties, finishing second in the AAFC's East Division.

Brooklyn stumbled, scoring only 226 points, while the defense gave up 339. Glenn Dobbs threw for 1,886 yards. Saxon Judd snagged 34 passes for 443 yards. Joe Davis was targeted regularly as well.

Glenn Dobbs ran for a team-best 208 yards for the Dodgers, and Lew Mayne additionally aided the ground game.

Walt McDonald, Charlie Armstrong and Glenn Dobbs each seized 2 opponent throws.

Tom Scott, Mal Stevens and Cliff Battles coached the team.

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Player Att Comp Comp % Yds Yds/Att TDs TD % Ints Int % Long Rating
Glenn Dobbs26913550.218867.0134.8155.6066.0
Lew Mayne251456.02198.8312.0416.0085.3
Charlie Armstrong21942.91266.014.829.5039.1
Harry Connolly8225.0293.600.0112.502.6
Bob Paffrath100.
Dub Jones2150.000.000.0150.0016.7


Player No. Yds Avg. Long TDs
Glenn Dobbs952082.258 4
Lew Mayne701912.71
Mickey Colmer461553.40
Dom Principe391393.62
Charlie Armstrong22783.50
Charlie Timmons23652.80
Dub Jones19623.30
Bill Daley7253.60
Russ Morrow02222 1
Rhoten Shetley9212.30
Bob Paffrath8192.41
Harry Connolly8182.20
Cal Purdin8111.40
Art Van Tone4102.50
Monk Gafford263.00
Doyle Tackett11-6-0.50
Walt McDonald3-7-2.30
Totals37410172.758 9


Player No. Yds Avg. Long TDs
Saxon Judd3444313.04
Joe Davis2233715.31
Mickey Colmer2232714.91
Neal Adams1522515.02
Jim McCarthy1129626.93
Doyle Tackett1019119.12
Cal Purdin1010710.70
Walt McDonald8718.90
Art Van Tone715221.751 3
Lew Mayne591.80
Bob McCain3279.00
Dom Principe3258.30
Nick Daukas2199.50
Bob Paffrath2-3-1.50
Bill Daley2-5-2.50
Frank Hrabetin11717.017 0
Rhoten Shetley11010.010 0
Russ Morrow188.01
Charlie Timmons144.00
Martin Ruby133.00
Glenn Dobbs1-5-5.0-5 0
Totals162225813.951 17


Player X/CA X/CM X/CP % FGA FGM FG % Pts.
Phil Martinovich222195.510550.036
Jim McCarthy7571.410.05
Joe Davis11100.01


Player No. Yds Avg. Long
Glenn Dobbs80382647.80
Charlie Armstrong623138.50
Lew Mayne37926.30
Monk Gafford14949.049

Punt Returns:

Player No. Yds Avg. Long TDs
Glenn Dobbs714620.978 1
Charlie Armstrong69716.20
Cal Purdin45213.00
Lew Mayne6477.80
George Perpich11616.016 0
Mickey Colmer199.00
Dub Jones166.00
Harry Connolly166.00
Art Van Tone155.00
Vic Obeck133.00
Doyle Tackett133.00
Totals3039013.078 1

Kick Returns:

Player No. Yds Avg. Long TDs
Glenn Dobbs1221417.80
Dom Principe611719.50
Charlie Armstrong39331.00
Dub Jones69115.20
Lew Mayne49022.50
Doyle Tackett57615.20
Cal Purdin36622.00
Saxon Judd35418.00
Harry Connolly24120.50
Monk Gafford14040.040 0
Joe Davis23216.00
Walt McDonald33210.70
Art Van Tone22512.50
George Bernhardt11313.013 0
Bill Daley11010.010 0
Mickey Colmer199.00
Jim McCarthy188.00
Totals56101118.140 0


Player No. Yds Avg. Long TDs
Charlie Armstrong25427.00
Glenn Dobbs24422.00
Walt McDonald23115.50
Monk Gafford15151.051 0
Doyle Tackett11616.016 0
Nick Daukas155.00
Art Van Tone155.00
Jim McCarthy133.00
Mickey Colmer100.00
Totals1220917.451 0

Total Scoring:

Touchdowns Other Total
Player Rush Rec Punt Kick MFG Int Fum Other FG X/C Single 2Pt Saf Points
Phil Martinovich521036
Glenn Dobbs40100100036
Saxon Judd40100030
Jim McCarthy30005023
Art Van Tone0300000018
Doyle Tackett0200000012
Russ Morrow1100012
Lew Mayne1000100012
Neal Adams200012
Dom Principe20000012
Joe Davis100107
Bob Paffrath100006
Mickey Colmer010000006