Jack Adams

John James Adams, "Jolly Jack"
Born: June 14, 1895
Fort William, ON Canada
Deceased: May 1, 1968
Detroit, MI USA
Coaching Career: 1927-1946
Elected to Hockey Hall of Fame in 1959.

Jack Adams compiled a record of 413 wins and 390 losses and 161 ties in his coaching career with the Detroit Cougars, Detroit Falcons and Detroit Red Wings. He began coaching during the 1927 season and last coached during the 1946 campaign. Adams was elected to the Hockey Hall of Fame in 1959.

Coaching Record:

Regular Season Playoffs
Season League Team G W L T OTL Pts Pts% Win% G W L Win%
1927-28NHLDetroit Cougars4419196063.477.500
1928-29NHLDetroit Cougars4419169066.500.534 202.000
1929-30NHLDetroit Cougars4414246048.364.386
1930-31NHLDetroit Falcons4416217055.417.443
1931-32NHLDetroit Falcons48182010064.444.479 201.250
1932-33NHLDetroit Red Wings4825158083.576.604 422.500
1933-34NHLDetroit Red Wings48241410082.569.604 945.444
1934-35NHLDetroit Red Wings4819227064.444.469
1935-36NHLDetroit Red Wings4824168080.556.583 761.857
1936-37NHLDetroit Red Wings4825149084.583.615 1064.600
1937-38NHLDetroit Red Wings48122511047.326.365
1938-39NHLDetroit Red Wings4818246060.417.438 633.500
1939-40NHLDetroit Red Wings4816266054.375.396 523.400
1940-41NHLDetroit Red Wings48211611074.514.552 945.444
1941-42NHLDetroit Red Wings4819254061.424.438 1275.583
1942-43NHLDetroit Red Wings50251411086.573.610 1082.800
1943-44NHLDetroit Red Wings5026186084.560.580 514.200
1944-45NHLDetroit Red Wings5031145098.653.670 1477.500
1945-46NHLDetroit Red Wings50202010070.467.500 514.200
1946-47NHLDetroit Red Wings60222711077.428.458 514.200
Totals96441339016101400.484.512 1055252.500


1936 - First Team All-Star
1942 - First Team All-Star
1944 - Second Team All-Star