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Al Arbour

Alger Joseph Arbour, "Radar"
Born: 1932
Sudbury, ON Canada
Deceased: 2015
Sarasota, FL USA
Coaching Career: 1970-2007
Elected to Hockey Hall of Fame in 1996.

Al Arbour compiled a record of 782 wins and 577 losses and 248 ties in his coaching career with the St. Louis Blues and New York Islanders. He began coaching during the 1970 season and last coached during the 2007 campaign. Arbour was elected to the Hockey Hall of Fame in 1996.

Coaching Record:

Regular Season Playoffs
Season League Team G W L T OTL Pts Pts% Win% G W L Win%
1970-71NHLSt. Louis Blues50211514077.513.560
1971-72NHLSt. Louis Blues4419196063.477.500 1147.364
1972-73NHLSt. Louis Blues13265011.282.346
1973-74NHLNew York Islanders78194118075.321.359
1974-75NHLNew York Islanders803325220121.504.550 1798.529
1975-76NHLNew York Islanders804221170143.596.631 1376.538
1976-77NHLNew York Islanders804721120153.638.663 1284.667
1977-78NHLNew York Islanders804817150159.663.694 734.429
1978-79NHLNew York Islanders805115140167.696.725 1064.600
1979-80NHLNew York Islanders803928130130.542.569 21156.714
1980-81NHLNew York Islanders804818140158.658.688 18153.833
1981-82NHLNew York Islanders805416100172.717.738 19154.789
1982-83NHLNew York Islanders804226120138.575.600 20155.750
1983-84NHLNew York Islanders80502640154.642.650 21129.571
1984-85NHLNew York Islanders80403460126.525.538 1046.400
1985-86NHLNew York Islanders803929120129.538.563 303.000
1988-89NHLNew York Islanders5321293066.415.425
1989-90NHLNew York Islanders803138110104.433.456 514.200
1990-91NHLNew York Islanders80254510085.354.375
1991-92NHLNew York Islanders803435110113.471.494
1992-93NHLNew York Islanders84403770127.504.518 1899.500
1993-94NHLNew York Islanders843636120120.476.500 404.000
2007-08NHLNew York Islanders1100031.0001.000 interim
Totals160778257724802594.538.564 20912386.589


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