Jacques Martin

Jacques Martin
Born: 1952
St. Pascal, ON Canada
Coaching Career: 1986-2011

Jacques Martin compiled a record of 613 wins and 481 losses and 119 ties in his coaching career with the St. Louis Blues, Ottawa Senators, Florida Panthers and Montreal Canadiens. He began coaching during the 1986 season and last coached during the 2011 campaign.

Coaching Record:

Regular Season Playoffs
Season League Team G W L T OTL Pts Pts% Win% G W L Win%
1986-87NHLSt. Louis Blues803233150111.463.494 624.333
1987-88NHLSt. Louis Blues80343880110.458.475 1055.500
1995-96NHLOttawa Senators3810244034.298.316
1996-97NHLOttawa Senators823136150108.439.470 734.429
1997-98NHLOttawa Senators823433150117.476.506 1156.455
1998-99NHLOttawa Senators824423150147.598.628 404.000
1999-00NHLOttawa Senators824128112134.545.567 624.333
2000-01NHLOttawa Senators82482194153.622.640 404.000
2001-02NHLOttawa Senators000000nannan 1275.583
2001-02NHLOttawa Senators80382697123.513.531
2002-03NHLOttawa Senators82522181164.667.683 18117.611
2003-04NHLOttawa Senators824323106139.565.585 734.429
2005-06NHLFlorida Panthers823734011111.451.451
2006-07NHLFlorida Panthers823531016105.427.427
2007-08NHLFlorida Panthers82383509114.463.463
2009-10NHLMontreal Canadiens823933010117.476.476 19910.474
2010-11NHLMontreal Canadiens82443008132.537.537 734.429
2011-12NHLMontreal Canadiens3213120739.406.406
Totals1294613481119811958.504.520 1115061.450


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