Lester Patrick

Curtis Lester Patrick, "The Silver Fox"
Born: 1883
Drummondville, QC Canada
Coaching Career: 1911-1938
Elected to Hockey Hall of Fame in 1947.

Lester Patrick compiled a record of 421 wins and 382 losses and 114 ties in his coaching career with the Victoria Aristocrats, Spokane Canaries, Victoria Cougars and New York Rangers. He began coaching during the 1911 season and last coached during the 1938 campaign. Patrick was elected to the Hockey Hall of Fame in 1947.

Coaching Record:

Regular Season Playoffs
Season League Team G W L T OTL Pts Pts% Win% G W L Win%
1911-12PCHAVictoria Aristocrats16790021.438.438
1912-13PCHAVictoria Aristocrats151050030.667.667 321.667
1913-14PCHAVictoria Aristocrats161060030.625.625 303.000
1914-15PCHAVictoria Aristocrats174130012.235.235
1915-16PCHAVictoria Aristocrats185130015.278.278
1916-17PCHASpokane Canaries238150024.348.348
1918-19PCHAVictoria Aristocrats207130021.350.350
1919-20PCHAVictoria Aristocrats2210120030.455.455
1920-21PCHAVictoria Aristocrats2410131031.431.438
1921-22PCHAVictoria Aristocrats2411121034.472.479
1922-23PCHAVictoria Cougars3016140048.533.533 211.500
1923-24PCHAVictoria Cougars3011181034.378.383
1924-25WCHLVictoria Cougars2816120048.571.571 851.750
1925-26WCHLVictoria Cougars3015114049.544.567 833.500
1926-27NHLNew York Rangers4425136081.614.636 201.250
1927-28NHLNew York Rangers4419169066.500.534 953.611
1928-29NHLNew York Rangers44211310073.553.591 632.583
1929-30NHLNew York Rangers44171710061.462.500 412.375
1930-31NHLNew York Rangers4419169066.500.534 422.500
1931-32NHLNew York Rangers4823178077.535.563 734.429
1932-33NHLNew York Rangers4823178077.535.563 861.813
1933-34NHLNew York Rangers4821198071.493.521 201.250
1934-35NHLNew York Rangers4822206072.500.521 421.625
1935-36NHLNew York Rangers48191712069.479.521
1936-37NHLNew York Rangers4819209066.458.490 963.667
1937-38NHLNew York Rangers4827156087.604.625 312.333
1938-39NHLNew York Rangers4826166084.583.604 734.429
Totals91742138211401377.501.521 894335.545


1930 - First Team All-Star
1931 - First Team All-Star
1932 - First Team All-Star
1933 - First Team All-Star
1934 - First Team All-Star
1935 - First Team All-Star
1937 - First Team All-Star