Lindy Ruff

Lindy Cameron Ruff
Born: February 17, 1960
Warburg, AB Canada
Coaching Career: 1997-2016

Lindy Ruff compiled a record of 736 wins and 554 losses and 78 ties in his coaching career with the Buffalo Sabres and Dallas Stars. He began coaching during the 1997 season and last coached during the 2016 campaign.

Coaching Record:

Regular Season Playoffs
Season League Team G W L T OTL Pts Pts% Win% G W L Win%
1997-98NHLBuffalo Sabres823629170125.508.543 15105.667
1998-99NHLBuffalo Sabres823728170128.520.555 21147.667
1999-00NHLBuffalo Sabres823532114116.472.494 514.200
2000-01NHLBuffalo Sabres82463051143.581.591 1376.538
2001-02NHLBuffalo Sabres823535111116.472.494
2002-03NHLBuffalo Sabres82273710891.370.390
2003-04NHLBuffalo Sabres82373474118.480.494
2005-06NHLBuffalo Sabres82522406156.634.634 18117.611
2006-07NHLBuffalo Sabres82532207159.646.646 1697.563
2007-08NHLBuffalo Sabres823931012117.476.476
2008-09NHLBuffalo Sabres82413209123.500.500
2009-10NHLBuffalo Sabres824527010135.549.549 624.333
2010-11NHLBuffalo Sabres824329010129.524.524 734.429
2011-12NHLBuffalo Sabres823932011117.476.476
2012-13NHLBuffalo Sabres176100118.353.353
2013-14NHLDallas Stars824031011120.488.488 624.333
2014-15NHLDallas Stars824131010123.500.500
2015-16NHLDallas Stars82502309150.610.610 1376.538
2016-17NHLDallas Stars823437011102.415.415
Totals1493736554781252286.510.519 1206654.550


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