Tony Resch

Tony Resch
Coaching Career: 1995-2008

Tony Resch compiled a record of 83 wins and 43 losses in his coaching career with the Philadelphia Wings, Philadelphia Barrage and Barrage. He began coaching during the 1995 season and last coached during the 2008 campaign.

Coaching Record:

Regular Season Playoffs
Season League Team G W LWin% G W L Win%
1995MILLPhiladelphia Wings871.875 2201.000
1996MILLPhiladelphia Wings1082.800 211.500
1997MILLPhiladelphia Wings1073.700 101.000
1998NLLPhiladelphia Wings1293.750 3301.000
1999NLLPhiladelphia Wings1257.417 101.000
2000NLLPhiladelphia Wings1275.583 101.000
2001NLLPhiladelphia Wings14104.714 2201.000
2005MLLPhiladelphia Barrage1248.333
2006MLLPhiladelphia Barrage12102.833 2201.000
2007MLLPhiladelphia Barrage1293.750 2201.000
2008MLLBarrage1275.583 101.000
Totals1268343.659 17125.706


2001 - NLL Coach of the Year
2006 - Coach of the Year
2008 - Coach of the Year