1930 Allentown Dukes Roster

Eastern League (EL) - Class: A
Team Record: 95-75
Finished 1st in the EL
Manager: Bullet Joe Bush (95-75)
Location: Allentown, Pennsylvania
Ballpark: Fairview Field 1939-1947
Attendance: 80,000, Avg. 941
1930 Allentown Dukes Statistics

Playoffs - Allentown Dukes 4 games, Bridgeport Bears 1

The Allentown Dukes of the Eastern League ended the 1930 season with a record of 95 wins and 75 losses, finishing first in the EL.

Bullet Joe Bush served as manager.

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Player Bats Throws Birth Date Height Weight Hometown
Bullet Joe BushRRNovember 27, 18925'9"173Ehime, MN US
David CochlinApril 6, 1902Harrisburg, PA US
Joe EvansMay 27, 1906
William EvansSeptember 1, 1906
Charlie FitzbergerLLFebruary 13, 19046'1"170Baltimore, MD US
Robert GrantMarch 23, 1903
Al HermannRRMarch 28, 18996'0"180Milltown, NJ US
Harry HesseJune 21, 1898, CT US
Lloyd HoageyNovember 27, 1905Perkasie, PA US
Con HurleyOctober 24, 1905
Sam HymanLLMarch 1, 18995'7"175, NY US
Bill JarrettNovember 30, 1904, MO US
James JolliffJanuary 19, 1897Fort Myers, FL US
Guy LacyRRJune 12, 18975'11"170Cleveland, TN US
Jake LevyRRFebruary 6, 19015'7"195
Al MahonLLSeptember 23, 19095'11"160Albion, NE US
Glenn MessnerAugust 1, 1904
Mickey NoonanNovember 4, 1904
Johnny PasekRRJune 25, 19055'10"175Niagara Falls, NY US
Ed PipgrasRRJune 15, 19046'2"175Schleswig, IA US
Norman PlittRRFebruary 21, 18935'11"180York, PA US
Oscar RodríguezRDecember 21, 19026'7"170
Paul SchreiberRROctober 8, 19026'2"180Jacksonville, FL US
Skee WatsonFebruary 22, 1906

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