1912 Anderson Electricians Roster

Carolina Association (CA) - Class: D
Team Record: 66-44
1st in the CA
Manager: Buck Ramsey (66-44)
Location: Anderson, South Carolina
Ballpark: Unknown

1912 Anderson Electricians Statistics

The Anderson Electricians of the Carolina Association ended the 1912 season with a record of 66 wins and 44 losses, first in the CA.

Buck Ramsey served as manager.

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Player Bats Throws Birth Date Height Weight Hometown
Earl BittingJune 16, 1890189Philadelphia, PA US
Ernie WolfRRFebruary 2, 18895'11"174Newark, NJ US
Frank Spitznagle
Buck Ramsey
Red OwensRRNovember 1, 18745'10"175Pottsville, PA US
Krozer MillimanFebruary 13, 1886Baltimore, MD US
Curtis McCoy
Andy McCarthy
Billy LavalLJanuary 17, 1885, SC US
William Kelly
Ira Hogue
Gus GleichmannLLJanuary 11, 1891189Chowchilla, CA US
Clarence FreyR
Paul FitterySLOctober 10, 18875'8"156Lebanon, PA US
Ned CromptonLLFebruary 13, 18895'10"175Liverpool, Merseyside GB
Will Callahan
George Bowers
Herbert Yount

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