1909 Aberdeen Grays Roster

Northwestern League (NL) - Class: B
Team Record: 78-81
3rd in the NL
Manager: Pants Rowland (78-81)
Location: Aberdeen, Washington
Ballpark: Electric Park

1909 Aberdeen Grays Statistics

The Aberdeen Grays of the Northwestern League ended the 1909 season with a record of 78 wins and 81 losses, third in the NL.

Pants Rowland served as manager.

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Player Bats Throws Birth Date Height Weight Hometown
Joe BewerOctober 12, 1881
Al SwalmSeptember 21, 1881, IA US
Tay StreibRRNovember 10, 1883
Julie StreibDecember 11, 1873San Francisco, CA US
Con StarkelRRNovember 16, 18806'0"200Red Oak, IA US
Ed SieverLLApril 2, 18755'11"190Goddard, KS US
Steve Reagan
Hub PernollRLMarch 14, 18885'8"175Applegate, OR US
Ernie OvitzRROctober 7, 18855'8"156Mineral Point, WI US
Frank O'BrienSan Francisco, CA US
Walter Most, IL US
Charley MooreRRDecember 1, 18845'10"160Jackson County, IN US
Sheldon LejeuneRRJuly 22, 18856'0"185Chicago, IL US
Ralph KreitzRRNovember 13, 18855'9"175Plum Creek, NE US
Jack HerbertMarch 21, 1877, IL US
Buck ConnorsLJuly 23, 1879Port Huron, MI US
John Carr
Vin CampbellLRJanuary 30, 18886'0"185St. Louis, MO US
Percy WilderRJuly 8, 1881

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