1968 Aberdeen Pheasants Roster

Northern League (NL) - Class: Short Season A
Team Record: 26-44
6th in the NL
Manager: Bill Werle (26-44)
Affiliation: Baltimore Orioles
Location: Aberdeen, South Dakota
Ballpark: Municipal Baseball Park
Attendance: 15,517, Avg. 443
1968 Aberdeen Pheasants Statistics

The Aberdeen Pheasants of the Northern League ended the 1968 season with a record of 26 wins and 44 losses sixth in the NL. The team scored 248 runs, while allowing 338 runs. Bill Werle served as manager.

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Player Bats Throws Birth Date Height Weight Hometown
Joseph BloomRRApril 4, 19496'3"210Nanticoke, PA US
Leon BrownRRNovember 16, 19486'0"185Sacramento, CA US
Gary CarnegieRR5'10"180
Rich CogginsLLDecember 7, 19505'8"170Indianapolis, IN US
Donnie CollinsRROctober 27, 19486'2"180Evansville, IN US
Randolph CoonRR5'11"180
Ronald CurleeRRDecember 9, 19466'1"166
Ron DunnRRJanuary 24, 19505'11"180Oklahoma City, OK US
John GageLR6'4"220
William GrimesRR6'4"215
Walter HammLL5'10"175
David HarterLL5'11"175
Thomas HenveyRR6'0"180
Ronald HofmeisterRL6'1"188
Michael HouckLL5'11"190
Derk HovingRRMay 13, 19496'0"205
Dave JohnsonRROctober 4, 19486'1"183Abilene, TX US
James KellyRROctober 24, 19486'3"195
Junior KennedyRRAugust 9, 19505'11"175Fort Gibson, OK US
Philip KiszieRR6'2"187
Douglas LaCossRR6'1"
Charles LacyRR5'10"160
George ManzRRJuly 15, 19466'2"188
Scott McDonaldRRJune 13, 19476'1"195
Edward MenakerLR5'11"180
Carl MillerRR6'1"180
Winston PresleyRRApril 10, 19496'0"167
Donald RothRRSeptember 13, 19456'1"190
Victor TorruellasRRFebruary 4, 19476'1"165
Daniel WalkerRR6'0"190

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