1951 Amarillo Gold Sox Roster

West Texas-New Mexico League (WTNML) - Class: C
Team Record: 67-74
5th in the WTNML
Manager: Buck Fausett (0-0), Lester Mulcahy (0-0), Pat McLaughlin (0-0)
Location: Amarillo, Texas
Ballpark: Gold Coast Stadium
Attendance: 65,124, Avg. 924
1951 Amarillo Gold Sox Statistics

The Amarillo Gold Sox of the West Texas-New Mexico League ended the 1951 season with a record of 67 wins and 74 losses, fifth in the WTNML. Buck Fausett, Lester Mulcahy and Pat McLaughlin served as manager.

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Player Bats Throws Birth Date Height Weight Hometown
William AkinsR6'0"195
Crawford HowardRJanuary 16, 19205'11"170Chickamauga, GA US
Larry MannLLOctober 16, 19276'0"200Ceres, CA US
Pat McLaughlinRRAugust 17, 19106'2"175Taylor, TX US
Lester MulcahyRRDecember 23, 19235'10"205Oakland, CA US
Robert Murcovich
Mike MurrayLMarch 11, 19255'10"175San Francisco, CA US
Melvin NeuendorffNovember 16, 1923
Joe PateRRApril 28, 19136'0"190Fulton, AR US
Jim ReynoldsRRFebruary 5, 19205'11"168Elizabeth, AR US
Ripley RobinettRRMarch 4, 19325'11"168Sacramento, CA US
Charles ScarboroughR6'2"195
Morris ShipmanRROctober 29, 19316'2"215Oklahoma City, OK US
Monk WebbLL5'8"190
Jim HigginsLRJune 13, 19285'11"165Dayton, OH US
Jack Haupert
Edward Baski
John BruzgaR6'0"180
Joe CallawayRRJuly 2, 19285'11"160Hollywood, AR US
Merv ConnorsRRJanuary 23, 19146'2"192Berkeley, CA US
Bob CruesRRDecember 31, 19186'3"185Frisco, TX US
James DeanR5'11"165
Nick DeLucaL5'6"165Sykesville, PA US
Donald FalingRR5'11"165
Van FletcherRRAugust 6, 19246'2"185East Bend, NC US
Thomas FoxR5'10"170
Paul HalterRJune 30, 19225'10"180Cottonwood, ID US
Cecil HarperL6'2"180
Luther Harper
Bob ZolliecofferRRMay 16, 19266'0"175Denning, AR US

Average attendance is based upon the number of actual home dates where known (most leagues from 1992 and later). Where the number of home dates is not known, the average is calculated using half the team's total games.

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