1955 Burlington A's Roster

Provincial League (PL) - Class: C
Team Record: 65-64
3rd in the PL
Manager: Vincent Plumbo (65-64)
Affiliation: Kansas City Athletics
Location: Burlington, Vermont
Ballpark: Centennial Field
Attendance: 51,267, Avg. 795
1955 Burlington A's Statistics

Playoffs - Burlington A's 4 games, St. Jean Canadians 1
Finals - Quebec Braves 4 games, Burlington A's 1

The Burlington A's of the Provincial League ended the 1955 season with a record of 65 wins and 64 losses, third in the PL.

The A's scored 635 runs and allowed 641 runs. Vincent Plumbo served as manager.

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Player Bats Throws Birth Date Height Weight Hometown
Joe AlaRRAugust 3, 19305'10"210
William PhilyawRR6'2"187
Paul PetroskyR6'0"175
Charles PesterSR6'3"200
Leo ParentRRApril 13, 19336'2"200Lowell, MA US
Joe OliffeSOctober 16, 19325'11"180
Richard NobleR6'4"190
Michael MunsingerRR5'9"180
Jordan Morris
Vincent PlumboRAugust 6, 19235'8"190St. Paul, MN US
Bob QuinnLL5'8"170
Richard ZackR5'11"180
Dave WoodwardRRMarch 25, 19336'2"195
Milton WaltersR5'11"165
Michael WalshLRMay 20, 19316'1"190Lebanon, NH US
William ShannonRR5'11"170
Stephen SchusterRRMay 17, 19316'0"190Vera Cruz, PA US
Robert SandersRR5'11"185
Paul RamseyR5'11"200
Mike MazzamorraRL6'0"200
Bernell LongestLRJuly 15, 1918Chicago, IL US
George DoucetLL6'2"200
Bob DavisRRSeptember 11, 19336'0"170New York, NY US
Frank CurorkeLRDecember 29, 19286'1"178Chester County, PA US
Carl ChianeseLRFebruary 12, 19345'9"165Trenton, NJ US
Alonso BrathwaiteRRFebruary 18, 19305'11"174, PA
Ernie BoushyR6'0"190
Bob AylmerRRMarch 6, 19356'2"195
Walter AndersonR5'11"153
James Fitzgerald
Glenvill FranklinLL5'10"150
Gerard LefebvreRR5'7"155
Ralph LaPointeRRJanuary 8, 19225'11"185Winooski, VT US
Bill KernRRFebruary 28, 19336'2"184Coplay, PA US
Kenneth HartmanR5'10"160
Jack HaleyRRMay 17, 19306'1"180Kansas City, MO US
Jack HaleLL6'1"185
Hugo GuidottiL6'1"190
Leo GhilardiR5'11"185
James ZickelRL5'10"180

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