1900 Bloomington Blues Roster

Central League (CL)
Team Record: 64-34
1st in the CL
Manager: George Reed (64-34)
Location: Bloomington, Illinois
Ballpark: East Side Fairgrounds

1900 Bloomington Blues Statistics

The Bloomington Blues of the Central League ended the 1900 season with a record of 64 wins and 34 losses, first in the CL.

George Reed served as manager.

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Player Bats Throws Birth Date Height Weight Hometown
Eugene McGreevyRNovember 26, 1872, CA US
George PageR5'8"150, TX US
George ReedSeptember 13, 18705'8"168Danville, PA US
Pat RollinsDecember 0, 1860Washington, DC US
Guy SampleRRJuly 15, 18785'10"174, IN US
William Staples
Billy KinlochMarch 21, 1874Providence, RI US
George KeefeLLJanuary 7, 18675'9"168Washington, DC US
Dick Brown
Bobby Carter
Ike DurrettDecember 0, 1872Albemarle County, VA US
Charles ElseyMarch 0, 1871Cincinnati, OH US
Tom FisherRRNovember 1, 18805'10"185Anderson, IN US
Tom HackettRFebruary 27, 1883
Jack HerbertMarch 21, 1877, IL US
Irwin Isaacs
Van Burssman

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