1955 Boise Braves Roster

Pioneer League (PL) - Class: C
Team Record: 77-54
1st in the PL
Manager: Lou Stringer (77-54)
Affiliation: Milwaukee Braves
Location: Boise, Idaho
Ballpark: Braves Field 1955-1963
Attendance: 85,534, Avg. 1,306
1955 Boise Braves Statistics

Playoffs - Magic Valley Cowboys 2 games, Boise Braves 1

The Boise Braves of the Pioneer League ended the 1955 season with a record of 77 wins and 54 losses, first in the PL. The team scored 763 runs, while allowing 638 runs. Lou Stringer served as manager.

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Player Bats Throws Birth Date Height Weight Hometown
Dewey AdkinsRRMay 11, 19186'2"195Norcatur, KS US
Lee MayeLRDecember 11, 19346'2"190Tuscaloosa, AL US
Richard MolerLRDecember 1, 19336'2"190Ottawa, KS US
Richie MorseRRSeptember 6, 19336'0"175Glendale, CA US
Charles PatrickLRMay 31, 19336'2"175Salinas, CA US
Kenneth ReitmeierSLDecember 26, 19326'2"185Richmond, MN US
Harley ReshRR6'2"190
Paul SeredukRRMay 18, 19356'1"210Boise, ID US
Bob ShankRRNovember 19, 19346'2"200Sacramento, CA US
John StadnickiRR5'11"180
Lou StringerRRMay 13, 19175'11"173Grand Rapids, MI US
Joe TrenarySRAugust 17, 19355'11"170Marshfield, MO US
Larry VromanRROctober 30, 19366'0"175Los Angeles, CA US
Joel WhitlockRRJuly 2, 19356'4"200Chicago, IL US
Robert MacNeilRR5'11"175
Robert LucasRRMay 13, 19315'11"170Quincy, MA US
Ed LampeSLApril 21, 19376'2"180San Francisco, CA US
Lou BalszLLDecember 27, 19356'0"175Los Angeles, CA US
Ciro CamperiRRMarch 29, 19325'11"175Los Angeles, CA US
Del CourseyRRApril 4, 19306'3"220Devol, OK US
William DennisL6'2"190
Jim EspinolaRRApril 13, 19316'0"160Nashua, NH US
Al ForthmannRRAugust 30, 19355'8"160Berkeley, CA US
Dan GattaRRApril 19, 19355'10"185Niles, OH US
Virgil GiovannoniRRJune 8, 19296'4"230San Francisco, CA US
Arnie HallgrenRRApril 12, 19336'1"190Windfield, AB CA
Raymond HerreraRRJanuary 23, 19325'10"165Jerome, AZ US
Bob JacobyRROctober 11, 19355'11"180Portland, OR US
Bobby KingRRSeptember 16, 19285'8"150Fort Smith, AR US
Michael KirmerLLMay 21, 19356'3"205Hollywood, CA US
Jerry WulfLL6'1"175

Average attendance is based upon the number of actual home dates where known (most leagues from 1992 and later). Where the number of home dates is not known, the average is calculated using half the team's total games.

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