1963 Brunswick Cardinals Roster

Georgia-Florida League (GGL) - Class: A
Team Record: 52-64
4th in the GGL
Manager: George Kissell (52-64)
Affiliation: St. Louis Cardinals
Location: Brunswick, Georgia
Ballpark: Edo Miller Park
Attendance: 9,363, Avg. 161
1963 Brunswick Cardinals Statistics

The Brunswick Cardinals of the Georgia-Florida League ended the 1963 season with a record of 52 wins and 64 losses, fourth in the GGL.

The Cardinals scored 461 runs and conceded 488 runs. Michael Hunter led Brunswick with 11 home runs Victor Torres drove in 42 runs. Mike Romeo, David Guthrie and Michael Sloan topped the team with 5 wins each, while Mike Romeo recorded a 3.88 ERA, best among pitchers with enough qualifying appearances.

Players from the 1963 Brunswick Cardinals who spent time in the Majors during their careers included Danny Breeden, Don Young, Dave Bakenhaster, Jim Cosman, Bart Zeller and Ed Spiezio.

George Kissell served as manager.

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Player Bats Throws Birth Date Height Weight Hometown
Bart ZellerRRJuly 22, 19416'1"185Chicago Heights, IL US
Frank OrsattiLRFebruary 27, 19425'10"190
Walter NovakLR5'11"178
Leo NewtonLLSeptember 6, 19385'10"175
Terry MooreLL5'9"170
Daniel MisciscoRLNovember 22, 19435'10"180
Joseph MillsRRMarch 11, 19426'3"
Russell MeyerRR6'4"210
Jim McNameeSLOctober 14, 19405'11"155Salem, MA US
Russell MaddickLL6'1"193
Bill KelleyRRNovember 18, 19446'1"185
Ramon JusinoRR6'0"170, PR
Mike JonesRRJuly 31, 19456'0"176St. Louis, MO US
Mike RomeoLLMarch 5, 19436'2"188
Michael SloanSLJuly 4, 19446'0"180Hayward, CA US
Dennis SmithRRMarch 11, 19445'10"168
Don YoungRROctober 18, 19456'2"185Houston, TX US
Lonnie WilsonRROctober 19, 19406'1"183
Frederick WallRLAugust 18, 19415'11"185
Richard VingleRR6'0"175
Johnny VanLLSeptember 12, 19446'3"185
Victor TorresRRMarch 9, 19445'9"160
Clint StarkRLFebruary 22, 19426'4"175
Ed SpiezioRROctober 31, 19415'11"180Joliet, IL US
Roosevelt SpencerRR6'1"212
Larcus SpatesLRAugust 12, 19435'10"172
Tommy SmithLRAugust 27, 19436'2"185
Julius SmithLRJuly 24, 19415'7"156
Don JohnsonRLApril 26, 19436'3"210
Steve JacobusLLApril 25, 19426'0"175
Jim CosmanRRFebruary 19, 19436'4"211Brockport, NY US
James ChambersLR6'2"185
Ed CecilRRJune 5, 19426'0"172Bend, OR US
Charles ByrdLRNovember 15, 19436'0"170Dickson, TN US
John BukowskiRLJune 23, 19436'0"182Toronto, ON CA
Danny BreedenRRJune 27, 19425'11"185Albany, GA US
Dennis BrayerRLFebruary 10, 19456'1"179Youngstown, OH US
Ron BraddockSRJuly 30, 19426'0"175Savannah, GA US
Bo BowmanLLDecember 18, 19425'10"182Athens, OH US
Dave BakenhasterRRMarch 5, 19455'10"168Columbus, OH US
Robert ArnoneSL5'10"185
James ApicellaRR6'1"185
Robert CourserRRAugust 31, 19455'10"165Detroit, MI US
Bill DamaskaRRMay 7, 19446'0"1690Beaver Falls, PA US
Donald DavisRRMarch 1, 19456'1"200St. Louis, MO US
Michael HunterRRDecember 1, 19406'1"195Cape Girardeau, MO US
Harold HolyfieldRR6'1"175
James HesterRJuly 26, 19265'11"172Anderson County, SC US
Hugh HarrisLRApril 28, 19426'3"200
Joe HamendeRLJanuary 26, 19445'10"165Springfield, IL US
David GuthrieRRSeptember 17, 19436'3"195Atlanta, GA US
Mike FrancekRRFebruary 20, 19446'2"200Elmhurst, IL US
Francis FinnRLSeptember 14, 19435'8"165New Haven, CT US
Rich FarrellRRNovember 4, 19436'0"175San Francisco, CA US
Dale EricksonRRApril 27, 19436'0"170
Victor DavisRRDecember 25, 19416'1"163
Ernest DavisRRMarch 21, 19456'4"201Wilmington, NC US
Fred AnthonRRMarch 26, 19425'11"175St. Louis, MO US

Average attendance is based upon the number of actual home dates where known (most leagues from 1992 and later). Where the number of home dates is not known, the average is calculated using half the team's total games.

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