1984 Beaumont Golden Gators Roster

Texas League (TL) - Class: AA
Team Record: 89-47
Finished 1st in the TL's West Division
Manager: Bobby Tolan (89-47)
Affiliation: San Diego Padres
Location: Beaumont, Texas
Ballpark: Vincent-Beck Stadium
Attendance: 130,950, Avg. 1,926
1984 Beaumont Golden Gators Statistics

Playoffs - Jackson Mets 4 games, Beaumont Golden Gators 2

The Beaumont Golden Gators of the Texas League ended the 1984 season with a record of 89 wins and 47 losses, finishing first in the league's West Division.

The Golden Gators scored 665 runs and allowed 541 runs. Mark Gillaspie paced Beaumont with 16 home runs and accounted for 87 RBI. Jim Steels led all regular hitters with a .340 average, while Bill Long topped the team with 14 wins and a team-best 2.94 ERA, tops among regular hurlers.

Members of the 1984 Beaumont Golden Gators who played in Major League Baseball during their careers were Jimmy Jones, Gene Walter, Mark Wasinger, Ed Vosberg, Jim Steels, Bill Long, Al Newman, Lance McCullers, Mark Parent and Mike Couchee.

Bobby Tolan served as manager.

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Player Bats Throws Birth Date Height Weight Hometown
Mike BarbaRRMay 3, 19576'0"195Summit, NJ US
Pat CaseyRRMarch 17, 19596'1"200McMinnville, OR US
Tim CookRRAugust 4, 19576'0"170
Mike CoucheeRRDecember 4, 19576'0"190San Jose, CA US
Ray EtchebarrenRRNovember 17, 19575'11"170
Steve GarciaLROctober 25, 19605'10"160
Mark GillaspieSRApril 18, 19596'2"185
Tim HammRRAugust 8, 19606'4"200Santa Cruz, CA US
Jerry JohnsonRRJune 3, 19585'8"180
Steve JohnsonSRJanuary 30, 19616'3"173
Jimmy JonesRRApril 20, 19646'2"175Dallas, TX US
Chuck KolotkaRFebruary 27, 19606'4"200
Pete KutsukosRMay 11, 19626'1"180
Jim LeopoldRMay 17, 19596'0"175
Bill LongRRFebruary 29, 19606'0"185Cincinnati, OH US
Lance McCullersSRMarch 8, 19646'1"185Tampa, FL US
Mike MillsRJuly 5, 19616'1"180
Steve MurrayRR6'0"185
Al NewmanSRJune 30, 19605'9"175Kansas City, MO US
Mark ParentRRSeptember 16, 19616'5"215Ashland, OR US
Jay PorterRR5'10"180
Jeff RonkRR5'11"170
Steve SchefskyR6'3"190
Greg SmithLRAugust 25, 19596'2"180
Jim SteelsLLMay 30, 19615'10"185Jackson, MS US
Jimmy ThomasRRMarch 12, 19586'0"185
Kevin TowersRNovember 11, 19616'1"185
Ed VosbergLLSeptember 28, 19616'1"190Tucson, AZ US
Gene WalterLLNovember 22, 19606'4"200Chicago, IL US
Mark WasingerRRAugust 4, 19616'0"165Monterey, CA US
Bill WronaRRJanuary 11, 19615'8"160

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