1886 Bridgeport Giants Roster

Eastern League (EL)
Team Record: 33-57
Finished 5th in the EL
Manager: James Donnelly (33-57)
Location: Bridgeport, Connecticut
Ballpark: Barnum Grounds

1886 Bridgeport Giants Statistics

The Bridgeport Giants of the Eastern League ended the 1886 season with a record of 33 wins and 57 losses, finishing fifth in the EL.

James Donnelly served as manager.

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Player Bats Throws Birth Date Height Weight Hometown
Billy AlvordRRAugust 10, 18635'10"187St. Louis, MO US
Ed BagleyOctober 0, 18635'8"173New York, NY US
Ed BeecherLLJuly 2, 18595'10"185Guilford, CT US
M. Brouthers
Joe BrownApril 4, 18595'10"162, CA
Bart CantzRRJanuary 29, 18605'9"152Philadelphia, PA US
Tommy CorcoranRRJanuary 4, 18695'9"164New Haven, CT US
James Donnelly
Michael Doyle
Henry EasterdayRRSeptember 16, 18645'6"145Philadelphia, PA US
Charlie HamburgRNovember 22, 18666'0"175Louisville, KY US
Charlie KrehmeyerLLJuly 5, 18635'11"179St. Louis, MO US
Jack LearyLJuly 0, 18575'11"186New Haven, CT US
R. Mallory
Al McCauleyLLMarch 4, 18636'0"180Indianapolis, IN US
Thomas McKenna
Richard Meaney
Sparrow MortonLAugust 7, 1858Philadelphia, PA US
P. L. Murphy
Charles O'Donnell
Billy OttersonRRMay 24, 18625'7"135Pittsburgh, PA US
James Ryan
Lou SayRRFebruary 4, 18545'7"145Baltimore, MD US
Ed SixsmithRRFebruary 26, 18635'9"140Philadelphia, PA US
William Snyder
Edward Stapleton
Edward Stapleton
Bill StellbergerLLApril 22, 18655'7"170Detroit, MI US
William Thomas
Charles Tuttle
G. Wild

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