1934 Baltimore Orioles Roster

International League (IL) - Class: AA
Team Record: 53-99
Finished 8th in the IL
Manager: Beauty McGowan (0-0), Joe Judge (0-0), Guy Sturdy (0-0)
Location: Baltimore, Maryland
Ballpark: Oriole Park V
Attendance: 78,349, Avg. 1,031
1934 Baltimore Orioles Statistics

The Baltimore Orioles of the International League ended the 1934 season with a record of 53 wins and 99 losses, finishing eighth in the IL.

Beauty McGowan, Joe Judge and Guy Sturdy served as manager.

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Player Bats Throws Birth Date Height Weight Hometown
Woody AbernathyLROctober 16, 19086'1"195Birmingham, AL US
Pete AppletonRRMay 20, 19045'11"180Terryville, CT US
Casper AsbjornsonRRJune 19, 19096'1"196Concord, MA US
Bill AtwoodRRSeptember 25, 19115'11"190Rome, GA US
Hormidas AubeRRFebruary 3, 19065'11"190
Del BissonetteLLSeptember 6, 18995'11"180Winthrop, ME US
Mike BouzaRApril 14, 19075'11"175
Max ButcherRRSeptember 21, 19106'2"220Holden, WV US
Earl ClarkRRNovember 6, 19075'10"160Washington, DC US
George DarrowLLJuly 12, 19036'0"180Beloit, KS US
Clise DudleyLRAugust 8, 19036'1"195Graham, NC US
Beverly FerrellRRJuly 22, 19155'11"172Durham, NC US
Arrol FittonRR6'2"191
Wally GilbertRRDecember 19, 19006'0"180Oscoda, MI US
Dick GoldbergLLNovember 9, 19056'0"190
George GrangerRRMarch 9, 19076'1"193
Charlie HargreavesRRDecember 14, 18966'0"170Trenton, NJ US
Butch HenlineRRDecember 20, 18945'10"175Fort Wayne, IN US
Herm HolshouserRRJanuary 20, 19076'0"170Rockwell, NC US
Irv JeffriesRRSeptember 10, 19055'10"175Louisville, KY US
Joe JudgeLLMay 25, 18945'8"155Brooklyn, NY US
Vic KeenRRMarch 16, 18995'9"165Bel Air, MD US
John KriderRR6'0"175
John KronerRRNovember 13, 19086'0"185St. Louis, MO US
Bill LohrmanRRMay 22, 19136'1"185Brooklyn, NY US
Earl MattinglyRRNovember 4, 19045'10"164New Port, MD US
Eddie MayoLRApril 15, 19105'11"178Holyoke, MA US
Beauty McGowanLRNovember 8, 19015'11"190Branford, CT US
Cliff MeltonLLJanuary 3, 19126'5"203Brevard, NC US
George MinerRR5'11"180
Keith MolesworthOctober 20, 19055'9"167Washington, IA US
Euel MooreRRMay 27, 19086'2"185Reagan, OK US
Ted NorbertRRMay 17, 19086'1"192Brooklyn, NY US
Curly OgdenRRJanuary 24, 19016'1"180Ogden, PA US
Jack OgdenRRNovember 5, 18976'0"190Ogden, PA US
Tom OliverRRJanuary 15, 19036'0"168Montgomery, AL US
Marv OlsonRRMay 28, 19075'7"160Gayville, SD US
Val PicinichRRSeptember 8, 18965'9"165New York, NY US
Chris PickeringR6'3"200
George PuccinelliRRJune 22, 19076'0"190San Francisco, CA US
Beryl RichmondSLAugust 24, 19076'1"185Glen Easton, WV US
Don RobertshawRRSeptember 3, 19106'1"170
Lon SmithRRJune 29, 19076'0"10
Robert SmithJanuary 6, 1907
Guy SturdyLLAugust 7, 18996'0"180Sherman, TX US
Doug TaittLRAugust 3, 19026'0"176Bay City, MI US
Walter Walus

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