1897 Brockton Shoemakers Roster

New England League (NEL) - Class: B
Team Record: 70-37
Finished 1st in the NEL
Manager: Walter Burnham (70-37)
Location: Brockton, Massachusetts
Ballpark: Highland Park

1897 Brockton Shoemakers Statistics

The Brockton Shoemakers of the New England League ended the 1897 season with a record of 70 wins and 37 losses, finishing first in the NEL.

Walter Burnham served as manager.

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Player Bats Throws Birth Date Height Weight Hometown
Mike BirminghamOctober 28, 1865Janesville Rock, WI US
John CavanaughLouisville, KY US
Roscoe CoughlinRMarch 15, 18685'10"160Walpole, MA US
John Counihan
John GochnaurRRSeptember 12, 18755'9"160Altoona, PA US
Ray Hall
Eddie HanscombAugust 27, 1872
George HenryRRAugust 10, 18635'9"180Philadelphia, PA US
Mike HickeyRRDecember 25, 18715'10"150Chicopee, MA US
Bill KriegRRJanuary 29, 18595'8"180Petersburg, IL US
William Mackenzie
George MagoonRRMarch 27, 18755'10"160St. Albans, ME US
H. Mansfield
Kit McKennaRFebruary 10, 18735'9"180Lynchburg, VA US
Timothy Moynihan
Phil NadeauRRJune 4, 18725'8"175Montreal, QC CA
Togie PittingerLRJanuary 12, 18726'2"175Greencastle, PA US
Walter Reilly
Pat RollinsDecember 0, 1860Washington, DC US
Joseph Sayers
Jack SharrottRRAugust 13, 18695'9"165Staten Island, NY US
Nap SheaRRMay 23, 18745'5"155Ware, MA US
Jimmy SheckardLRNovember 23, 18785'9"175Upper Chanceford, PA US
Henry Stevens
Robert Weimert
Milo Wells
Ruby Wich5'8"155
J. C. Wilson

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