1937 Binghamton Triplets Roster

New York-Pennsylvania League (NYPL) - Class: A
Team Record: 67-69
Finished 4th in the NYPL
Manager: Bill Skiff (67-69)
Affiliation: New York Yankees
Location: Binghamton, New York
Ballpark: Johnson Field
Attendance: 72,714, Avg. 1,069
1937 Binghamton Triplets Statistics

Playoffs - Binghamton Triplets 1 game, Williamsport Grays 0 - One-game playoff for fourth place.
Playoffs - Wilkes-Barre Barons 3 games, Binghamton Triplets 1

The Binghamton Triplets of the New York-Pennsylvania League ended the 1937 season with a record of 67 wins and 69 losses, finishing fourth in the NYPL.

Bill Skiff served as manager.

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Player Bats Throws Birth Date Height Weight Hometown
George BarleyRRNovember 30, 19145'11"178Lynbrook, NY US
Hiram BithornRRMarch 18, 19166'1"200Santurce, PR
Buddy BlairLRSeptember 10, 19106'0"186Columbia, MS US
Peter BlumetteLLJanuary 3, 19116'0"210
Milt BocekRRJuly 16, 19126'1"185Chicago, IL US
James BrownR6'1"185
John ChandlerL6'0"195
Fred CollinsLLSeptember 8, 19166'1"170
Sonny DaveyRLOctober 11, 19166'1"195Hartline, WA US
Garton Del SavioRRNovember 26, 19135'9"165New York, NY US
Len GabrielsonLLSeptember 8, 19156'3"210Oakland, CA US
Joe GallagherRRMarch 7, 19146'2"210Buffalo, NY US
Fred GayLLJanuary 14, 19146'2"175Savannah, GA US
Dave GoodmanLLNovember 28, 19105'10"160Chicago, IL US
Tom HafeyRRJuly 12, 19136'1"180Berkeley, CA US
Pinky HargraveSRJanuary 31, 18965'8"180New Haven, IN US
Don HendricksonRRJuly 14, 19136'2"204Kewanna, IN US
Billy HolmRRJuly 21, 19125'10"168Chicago, IL US
Ralph HutchesonRR5'11"190
Red JonesLRNovember 2, 19116'3"190Timpson, TX US
Red LaFlammeRRAugust 6, 19086'1"195Bennington, VT US
Johnny LindellRRAugust 30, 19166'4"217Greeley, CO US
Clyde McCulloughRRMarch 4, 19175'11"180Nashville, TN US
Pete NaktenisLLJune 12, 19146'1"185Aberdeen, WA US
Leo OgorekSRSeptember 26, 19095'10"170Chicago, IL US
Steve PeekSRJuly 30, 19146'2"195Springfield, MA US
Edward RemorenkoLLMarch 3, 19156'4"210
Beryl RichmondSLAugust 24, 19076'1"185Glen Easton, WV US
Eddie SawyerRRSeptember 10, 19106'0"210Westerly, RI US
Andrew StavracosRAugust 29, 19115'9"165Crete, GR
Johnny SturmLLJanuary 23, 19166'1"185St. Louis, MO US
Bill SvilichRRJuly 29, 19145'8"160Sacramento, CA US
George WashburnLROctober 6, 19146'1"175Solon, ME US
Mickey WitekRRDecember 19, 19155'10"170Luzerne, PA US
William YockeRLOctober 19, 19106'2"175

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