1955 Bristol Twins Roster

Appalachian League (AL) - Class: D
Team Record: 63-61
4th in the AL
Manager: Dave Madison (63-61)
Affiliation: New York Yankees
Location: Bristol, Virginia
Ballpark: Shaw Stadium
Attendance: 32,587, Avg. 526
1955 Bristol Twins Statistics

Playoffs - Johnson City Cardinals 2 games, Bristol Twins 1

The Bristol Twins of the Appalachian League ended the 1955 season with a record of 63 wins and 61 losses, fourth in the AL.

The Twins topped the league with just 606 runs allowed. Bristol scored 565 runs, worst in the league,. Jimmy Flannagan paced hitters with significant playing time with a .300 average. Richard Klinesmith and Bobby Jurecko led the squad with 12 wins each, while Bobby Jurecko recorded a 3.2 ERA, tops among regular hurlers.

Dave Madison and Bill Short both played in Major League Baseball during their careers.

Dave Madison served as manager.

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Player Bats Throws Birth Date Height Weight Hometown
Arthur BuczkowskiR5'11"175
Stanley MartinLL6'4"185
William McGuckinRL5'9"170
Edward McMonagle
Joe MillerRRSeptember 29, 19345'11"190
Cecil MingeeR5'11"185
Elmer MingleRR6'1"170
Andrew PrescottR6'3"185
Frank RiccoR5'11"185
Curtis RogersLL6'1"195
Bill ShortLLNovember 27, 19375'9"170Kingston, NY US
Leo Smerka
Kenneth Smith
Lewis SpencerRR6'2"160
James Tardivo
Ralph TracyL5'11"178
James WexlerRR6'2"190
Dave MadisonRRFebruary 1, 19216'3"190Brooksville, MS US
James LeeR6'4"197
Alvin Carr
Anthony CiminoRR6'1"185
Kenneth DavisL5'11"178
Dick DesrosiersR6'0"175
Blair FarinholtRLMay 13, 19376'1"180
Jimmy FlannaganLNovember 1, 19306'1"160
Joseph GlennR6'1"175
Gerald Hisert
Richard HollandR6'1"175
Ray HozeyR5'10"185Calhoun Falls, SC US
John Hudson
Dave IrbyR6'0"180
Bobby JureckoLLApril 9, 19355'9"165Bayonne, NJ US
Richard KlinesmithLL6'2"196
Edward KnuppMay 12, 1934
Terry LaschenR5'11"165
William Zukauskas

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