1896 Columbus Buckeyes Roster

Western League (WL) - Class: A
Team Record: 52-88
7th in the WL
Manager: W. Schneider (0-0), Tom Loftus (0-0)
Location: Columbus, Ohio
Ballpark: Central Athletic Park

1896 Columbus Buckeyes Statistics

The Columbus Buckeyes of the Western League ended the 1896 season with a record of 52 wins and 88 losses, seventh in the WL.

W. Schneider and Tom Loftus served as manager.

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Player Bats Throws Birth Date Height Weight Hometown
Andy BoswellRSeptember 26, 18736'1"165New Gretna, NJ US
Arlie LathamRRMarch 15, 18605'8"150West Lebanon, NH US
Jim McCormickRRNovember 2, 18686'1"160Spencer, MA US
Eugene McGreevyRNovember 26, 1872, CA US
Tom MorrisseyMay 0, 18605'11"180Janesville, WI US
Jiggs ParrottJuly 14, 18715'11"160Portland, OR US
Frank PearsRAugust 30, 18665'9"145Louisville, KY US
Peck SharpApril 23, 18665'9"162Belleville, IL US
Dick SmithIronton, OH US
Joe StraussRRNovember 16, 18585'9"175Cincinnati, OH US
Bobby WheelockRRAugust 6, 18645'8"160Charlestown, MA US
Willie Wilson
Mike KahoeRRSeptember 3, 18736'0"185Yellow Springs, OH US
Bumpus JonesRRJanuary 1, 1870Cedarville, OH US
Pete BrowningRRJune 17, 18616'0"180Louisville, KY US
Frank ButlerLLJuly 18, 18665'7"155Savannah, GA US
Thomas CampbellJuly 27, 1875Indianapolis, IN US
Joe CantillonAugust 19, 1861Janesville, WI US
Jim CollopyAugust 15, 1869Troy, NY US
Pete DanielsLLApril 8, 18645'8"160County Cavan, IE
Charlie FrankLLMay 30, 18705'10"170Mobile, AL US
Frank GeninsRNovember 2, 1866St. Louis, MO US
Chummy GrayRRJuly 17, 18735'11"163Rockland, ME US
Bill HassamaerJuly 26, 18646'0"180St. Louis, MO US
Tom HernonRRNovember 4, 18665'7"156East Bridgewater, MA US
Harry WolvertonSRDecember 6, 18735'11"205Mount Vernon, OH US

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