1889 Canandaigua Roster

New York State League (NYSL)
Team Record: 27-24
3rd in the NYSL
Manager: E. P. Gardner (27-24)
Location: Canandaigua, New York
Ballpark: Lakeside Base Ball Field

1889 Canandaigua Statistics

The Canandaigua of the New York State League ended the 1889 season with a record of 27 wins and 24 losses, third in the NYSL.

E. P. Gardner served as manager.

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Player Bats Throws Birth Date Height Weight Hometown
Arthur AganNovember 27, 1867Fayetteville, NY US
Bert KenneyMarch 2, 1861
Dick KnoxRAugust 0, 18665'11"190, MD US
John Lufberry
John McHale
Tim Riordan
George SharrottLLNovember 2, 18695'8"164West New Brighton, NY US
F. W. Thompson
Doc KennedyRRAugust 11, 18535'9"185Brooklyn, NY US
Bill HeineJanuary 15, 1868Elmira, NY US
George Hayes
Louis Angevine
Tom Calihan, CA
Joseph Creegan
Jack FeeDecember 23, 1867Carbondale, PA US
Frank GilmoreRRApril 27, 18645'11"164Webster, MA US
Michael Gleason
Jocko HalliganLDecember 8, 18685'9"166Avon, NY US
Andrew WiedmanNovember 0, 1866

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